5 of Cups ~ a gestalt look


questions III

laura_borealis / 5 of cups

3. The cup was used to make the sand castle in background... the castle proves more durable than the cup.

- Why does the fey choose the cup for her home, when the castle is the durable one?
- What will happen during the next rain? Will the castle still be standing?
- Was the cup really used during building the castle? - probably it was used in the party afterwards...

contrascarpe96 / 5 of cups

2. The castle appears empty so nobody even notices the Fey's actions.

- Does the fey want her actions noticed?
- *Appears* empty - but what goes on behind the castle walls?
- (not exactly a question ;) ) : WE noticed her actions quite well - her intention?

Shade/ 5 of cups

The just add water instant fey kit worked a little too fast and the growing fey broke the cup.

- Where can I get this kit? (EFey or Amazin?)
- How many wishes will I get from the fey?
- Why is the fey in such a hurry to grow up?

;) Widar



with this card, this week we get to go out of the box- er Cup...

choose your favorite description from step one-
and explain why you liked it-
{yours or someone elses}


by wider
The fey has just broken the cup - like some eggshell. Curiously looking at the world. Perhaps she has done more damage to the cup than intended. But obviously she had to do that to get a clearer view of the outside.

I don't really know what it is about this description, maybe the metaphores.
Like the eggshell. Not all cups break easily, but eggshells are fragile. Cups deal with the emotional area in life. We can overflow with feeling. The fragile egg is also like emotions, one must be carefull with it. As an egg is the beginning/center point of life, the heart is associated with the center of our emotions.

Some where between our thoughts and our feelings we may lose sight of the overall situation. We get too emotional to react properly. We may be holding things in and dwell on it until we explode. A force of powerful energy is exerted forward. Blowing up is not always a good thing, but it can clear the air of alot of held in emotions. It is not what was intended, but the damage has been done, hopefully for the better.

Getting a clear view- in these tense situations, the best approach is to remove oneself from the situation emotionally. Breaking the emotional tie allows one to take a step back and get to see the whole BIG picture. With that, the solutions or proper actions seem so obvious that it is silly.


Thank you, Shade

Hello fey-ists

my favourite descripion is Shade's
The just add water instant fey kit worked a little too fast and the growing fey broke the cup.

This idea is humourous AND absolutely ingenious! It offers a totally different view on the situation.
Not just a fey, a cup, a castle, cup-breaking action.
Instead the idea of an 'instant fey'. Never heard of - but why shouldn't it exist? Perhaps this is the way feys are reproduced or created. I vageuely remember some animal type called sea monkeys that start living when little grains are put in water. And for plants thats also quite normal to grow from a grain.
The 'instant fey' idea becomes even more convincing when I consider that water (this is a CUP card!) and sand/earth (the castle!) are combined. Thats the base for life's start.
The fey breaking the cup is something like a chick breaking the eggshell...

So even if Shade's quote *sounds* a bit silly. There is a lot of ideas and creativity in it!
Thank you very much for this inspiring description, Shade!



by me!

Young Fey spent so much time in the magic castle she missed the bus.

I chose my own, my first one. Not because I think its the best or the funniest or the most insightful but because it was a spontaneous thought that I actually had the courage to post.

An emotional attitude that keeps us in one place too long. A place that only exists in our own minds fed by our feelings. A need to let go, to move on, to catch the bus.

September Pixie

Theia said:
The castle in the background looks to be made from sand. Sand is not stable if you want a strong foundation.

I liked this most because its how I viewed the card when first saw it..

1.) Houses made of sand do not stand the tests of time
2.) No soild ground to call her own, for even the cup she lives in is broken and withered
- Why? Who broke it?
3.) Perhaps this is just the child's play area and she is enjoying a friendly game of Hide & Seek...
- Who is playing with her?

Originally posted by mooncat2
2.A fey with the high priestess' sign above her eyes is sitting in a broken cup. Her back s guarded by the high wall of the of the cup's remnants.

- what is she sitting in the cup for?
- who broke the cup?
- when is she going home?
4.) Is her relation to 'The Seer' keeping her from returning home because she already knows what this little soul has aleady done? (IE: Broke the cup) or perhaps, she is the off spring of The Seer (HP) and she is waiting for her to come and find her.


1. Almost like a birth, but out of anger. The red skin looks like a total body response to being small and mad and "I'll show them all..." And kicks the cup! Exploring a new emotional response.

2. Pensive, but smart alecky. Hiding, but being unable to hide the feelings. Wanting to hide and wanting to show all at the same time.

3. Wanting to get away, but still attached to what is familiar. Experimenting with solitude, but not really wanting to be totally alone.