A Darisa Tarot


I'm intrigued by this deck but I can't make out the name of suites.


From the Minors sketches when you scroll down, I can see:

Ground. Fire. Water and something I can't read but isn't Air (I don't think).

I'm wearing my glasses and using my tablet so I can zoom in but I still can't read it!

Can you guys see ?

Everything seems to have been renamed aswell.

Thanks :)


As the Kickstarter page stated in the Campaign tab:

When we reach the base goal for our campaign, Karen will complete the artwork for the Minor Arcana suits of Water, Wind, Fire, and Ground in the style shown below.


Well thank you very much for this!
I have read it I swear ... obviously missed a bit. Ha!

Wind! Of course it's wind!


No sweat, DDWarks. :)


Good job Empyrian!

I'm backing him since he's one of us ;) There's something about his deck I really like. It's fantasy yet grounded.
I love the colours too.
It reminds me of some the cartoons I used to watch as a kid. They weren't human characters but it was so well done it didn't matter or register!

I like it.


This deck is a hidden Gem. I can't wait to see the finished cards!


I see a surge in funding happened overnight :D
Thank you guys :thumbsup:

I agree Dogs&Coffee. This deck is one to have and a collectors item for sure. Theres something very special about it. Its very deep and very real.

Im going to have to take an hour just to myself after work to work it out because its driving me nuts lol.


OMG.... the actual darisa wooden box prototype has been posted and it's AMAZE! I'm stupid excited for this deck...