a lovely faery short film online


That is just lovely 13thFae...

I think we sometimes need reminding of some of these things too.... :)


Glad ya liked it :)
Took me a while to find it again....had to thru hundreds of posts I had made last year at another forum to find it, searching for the word "door" forgot it is "duir," lol.

But I was on a mission! I think I'll start each day at work watching this while I drink my coffee or tea.



That was incredible! I had seen it before and forgotten. It brought tears to my eyes watching it again. Thank you for posting it! I bookmarked it this time. I should need to watch it regularly.



thanks i had had this saved before and lost it and was wondering where it was -- i love it


That was great. :) I loved it, and I recognized a lot of the artwork actually....hehe.


Hi, 13thFae -

Beautiful art and beautiful music! Thanks for sharing! The movie got me thinking about my favorite faery song, Away With The Faeries, by the great British pagan rock band Inkubus Sukkubus. I especially love the chorus:

They were once known as angels from the sky and Heaven
But now they are known as devils, demons, alien monsters
Let them fill your dreams with wonder, fever, pain and passion
Let them fill your head with thunder!

Thanks again for posting the link.

- Eric



I saw this a little while ago, fantastic isn't it. Brings a lovely warm feeling inside :)

x Huredriel



I needed to watch this again, and thought others might also.


this is truly beautiful.. i had watched it when i was checking all the threads on this forum. it is very inspiring and magical...