Acknowledgement to Goldnchyl and Faerylvr


For years I have had very serious problems with effective shielding, this is a major problem for me because I believe I have some empathic ability so it is not hard for me to feel sucked dry when around conflict, takers, or emotional situations.

Goldnchyl offered me some great advice that in combination with Faerylvrs advice has led to me finally being able to build more effective shields. This has been a result of our healing work group wich Kahlie so kindly put together for us here in the study group.

What Goldenchyl pointed out, was that I should work with water and music! Considering how heavily water elementally based and drawn I am was the perfect advice. Faerylvr pointed on how I need to trust, and listen when working with my tree which also impacts how I shield and share energy wtih him (and later when comfortable with others). When I combined the advice I was able to build the strongest shields I have ever built, and have been able to maintain them relatively strong. It will take patience and practice on my part, but the keys have been handed to me by this study group and key ingredients by Goldenchyl and Faerylvr.

It seems that my connection with my tree, Arbolon, is also imaprting a lesson on an area of weakness of mine. My shields. As he has lost his flow, I could loose mine.

Thanks to everyone that has helped me with this problem (Faunabay and Kahlie most definetly!). And thanks to Goldnchyl and Faerylvr for handing me the keys to following everyone elses advice.