SWWF ~ Healing Work Group ~ The Rarr ~ Kahlie & goldnchyl & Jewel


Dear Group,

Happy Healing, I wrote a small introduction with some thoughts for the coming 2 weeks but it didn't turn out like I thought.

You can also read what the other group is doing here.

Group 2:

~ 52 The Rarr ~

I asked the Rarr if he wanted to tell me something for all of those who are going to spend 2 weeks with his Energy to help us heal.

He said: "floaty floaty bouncy bouncy".

I said: "?!"

Luckily for me the Rarr can be kind of patient with humans too... He floated into a very neat spiral for me and told me to tell everybody that while I wrote this nice introduction on Energy already, he wanted to talk about Ascension.

He told me he doesn't have Pure Potential for nothing as his keyword. This two week the Rarr told me he wants to help us all become to the very best we can be. Overcome blockages and tap into our own potential.

When my eyebrows went up... he said: "see... necessary"... I decline to comment.

Have fun,



I've decided to work on my Energy Flow this coming two weeks with the Rarr... which means I'm going to keep to schedules of waking up/fixed times... *eep* Alarm clocks it will be!

I'm also going to see what makes me lose 'juice' and which situations are just too uncomfortable... and I will be brave and write them down here while I'll seek solutions.

I'm also going to take at least 5 minutes daily to work on Grounding & Connecting...

Just closing my eyes, feeling the Energy Flow and inviting the Rarr in and seeing what happens.

I'm sure I'll think of more things to do for these coming 2 weeks but this is what's up for me now.



I've been getting a lot of similar messages about establishing structure. Inspired ideas are flowing and I've been struggling to get a structure around it. Put things into action. Getting a schedule together has been all but impossible but I'm feeling optimistic these days. There's so much vital energy, ideas abound. I've got to set up ways that channel it in effective directions. So tomorrow, when I come home from work, I will finalize the loose ends of financial paperwork that have been dragging along behind me for some time now. I will get that done if nothing else by the end of the day.


goldnchyl said:
There's so much vital energy, ideas abound. I've got to set up ways that channel it in effective directions.

Be sure to share those ideas if you want to go and bounce them around. I'm also in an inspirational phase. Which makes me happy. I just about finished my Flyer for 3rd Eye Readings my company. I also just had an opportunity to go and do a Bachelor Party... I hope they pick me :D
Now I'm going to work on fixing my website around again...

Since I do both Energy Healing, Crystal Healing and EFT, I wanted to ask both of you your permission to work on the group if necessary.

I did a visualization to get Group Energy Flowing. I imagined us in a triangle, with clear energy flowing between us, helping to uplift each other. Rarr was in the middle :)



I want to send flowing and healing energy into my tree Arbolon, help him somehow reconnect to his energy flow. I am not sure how to do this, but at a minimum I will be spending some time outside of him, touching him and sending energy into him ... I will ground and center at his side prior to doing this work and see how it goes. Of course, if it is raining I will have to do this via visualition and meditation.


I would love some energy work for the group, Kahlie. We could all do the visualization. 'Should be very powerful.



Jewel, I opened an extra thread for Arbolon as well. I plan to work there the next couple of days, as that tree deserves the best.

goldnchyl, feel free to help yourself to my visualization ;) I wrote it down only shortly.

Woah though, today I managed a lot of stuff, although I *forgot* my appointment for my revalidation! *eep*. The Rarr was definitely with me as I really just gave my whole website (Except the dutch part) a complete make-over, with my own made buttons, background and banner... I also updated some of the texts (which need to be spell checked now).

And he was definitely with me as I had *buttloads* of fun, and I feel very very good with the results! =) This work on not being nitpicky perfect has paid off!

Let me know what you guys think if you have the time for a quick peek! If you go to the index, in the red box, is the link to the old website (in dutch), but then you can see the layout to compare!

Tomorrow I'm going to the Spa which is excellent for relaxing and fostering new ideas!



Woah... well, the Spa was very nice and not so very relaxing. I'm guessing I'm a lot more vital then I was... however, I detoxed a lot, so I fell asleep early (10pm) and then woke up at 4am, then decided to go around and work on my website as I was so wired.

It's now around noon, so I'm like... OMG, I completely failed to work on scheduled hours and with scheduled hours :S I hope the two of you are doing better.

On a brighter note, the new website looks fab! The work I did was worth it (some layout stuffies) and I also updated it with several new articles around Animal Totems, Meditation, Visualization and other Psychic Development Exercises... W00t! :)

I gotta rest now though, I got a client tonight that I just remembered about... oopsie! :p



While I haven't been doing what I really need to do right now (finances) I've been working on my book like a fiend. The ideas are flowing and Ta'om has set up camp. When I go back later to read what I've written, I impress myself... and that's very hard for me to do! So I'm really pleased with that. I'm going to take some time in a little bit to write down the top five things I want to accomplish within the next two weeks and post them for this work.


Not sure the Rarr is the appropriate faerie for me to work with. I am EXHAUSTED, yes all in caps. Arbolon does not seem to be doing better, if anything now his leaves are turning brown on the edges and crinckling. Yesterday when I was communing with him I told him to take some of my energy ... well he must have as I feel like I have been run over by a Mack Truck!. Depleted, tired, my head hurts ... and to top it off I could sense Arbolon saying "let go".

Yeseterday I also asnwered a friends call for help and support. Nothing I want to go into, but definetly a Rarr thing. Too much Rarr, not enough me. Being somewhat empathic really does have a price. I really need some lessons in grounding, centering, and heavy duty shielding. I will not make it two weeks with the Raar at this pace.

Kahlie, thank you very much for opening a thread for Arbolon. I will go check it out now.

Goldenchild, I am also experiencing a lot of trouble focusing on what I need to be doing (work in my case). I just cannot seem to focus.

So I have a question ... silly perhaps but I need clarification ... if we are each working on our own healing things, why did we need to be split up into groups??? I guess I was under the impression that these groups would focus on a common goal. I'm a little confused, not complaining, just confused.

~hugs to you both~