SWWF ~ Healing Work Group ~ The Rarr ~ Tabi & Geministar & Faerylvr


Dear Group,

Happy Healing, I wrote a small introduction with some thoughts for the coming 2 weeks but it didn't turn out like I thought. ;)

You can also read what the other group is doing here.

Group 1:

~ 52 The Rarr ~

I asked the Rarr if he wanted to tell me something for all of those who are going to spend 2 weeks with his Energy to help us heal.

He said: "floaty floaty bouncy bouncy".

I said: "?!"

Luckily for me the Rarr can be kind of patient with humans too... He floated into a very neat spiral for me and told me to tell everybody that while I wrote this nice introduction on Energy already, he wanted to talk about Ascension.

He told me he doesn't have Pure Potential for nothing as his keyword. This two week the Rarr told me he wants to help us all become to the very best we can be. Overcome blockages and tap into our own potential.

When my eyebrows went up... he said: "see... necessary"... I decline to comment.

Have fun,



Just posting to watch the thread


Hi Tabi & Faerylvr,

This should be a good two weeks working with you both on the Rarr.

I must admit the first time I saw him, I thought what an unusual fae he is. I wondered why he didnt have wings, arms or legs. I wondered how a fae could look like a planet *LOL*.

I havent come across him too much, but I think this study will greatly help my curiosity toward him.

The last time I had the Rarr as my daily, my mind and body were working overtime. I was running around, trying to get things done. It was actually pretty horrible because I felt so worn out.

Hopefully this study will help heal me in a way where I can feel more grounded during those stressful rushing times.


The Rarr is one of my favorites and he generally turns up when I am the only one standing in the way of myself... it is almost like I have cloned myself and then stand across from me with my arms crossed. He comes out and helps me see that I don't need to do that.


I am working on ont being so anxious about everything. Right now is a really stresful time at work, with me probably moving schools and not knowing exactly where I am going to go, and I get very anxious, so for me working with Rarr is good. Again, learning not to stand in my own way...


To be truthful I'm clueless: How do we help empower Rarr in our lives to help improve or get that motion that he is projecting into them at least?

I'm bouncing around at work because I'm so restless, I was on second shift which I liked, then I switched to third because I was thinking it would help out in the long run...but I can't stand the boredom!

Trying to do too many things at one time but wounding up with too many lose ends....so energy and movement to help tie those up would help greatly!


Hi Faerylvr, I get really anxious too. Most of the time I bring it on myself for no real reason to get anxious, its just the way I am and have to try and control it. Maybe we could both use the Rarr to help us stay grounded and calm? Is it the anxiety that stops you doing what you want?

Hi Tabi, are you wanting to use the Rarr to gain energy, then to keep the energy flowing evenly?

Maybe we could all talk about ways to use the Rarr for both these reasons.


*butting in butting in butting in*

Hey peepz, here are some ideas to work with The Rarr & Restless Energy. I've walked down that path too many times myself. I'll write down in short form what I do.

Rarr & Restlessness

* Try to sit down on a chair
* Imagine the Rarr Floating by you or look intently at the card
* Imagine your restless energy leaving you and turning into a little ball
* See how the Rarr plays with your energy until it's healthy and healing again
* Invite the Energy back in
* Thank the Rarr & breathe a sigh of relief and release!



Not overly fond of the hemister wheel that we tend to get stuck on sometimes. I was wanting to deal with the restlessness, I am going to try Kahlie's suggestion to see if it helps for a calming affect.

Since I don't work much with the Fey I'm trying to not only help myself but also help with the understanding of the Fey.


Thanks Kahlie. One of the things to remember about the Rarr, that I have always found, tabi, is that he waits (for the most part) to be invited to help. So, unlike some of the other fae who just butt in, Rarr is one who wants us to recognize that we are somewhere we can't figure out on our own.