All paths leading away from tarot...


I'm putting this in spirituality because I feel that is kind of what this post will lean towards but if the mods think it should be somewhere else (talking tarot maybe??), I understand. I went back and forth on the appropriate subforum for a while.

So I'm feeling very disenchanted with...well, everything lately. I'm overworked, overstressed and very tired. But the few moments of solace that I do get, I am no longer drawn to my cards (I said tarot in my title but I really use oracles MUCH more often). Not only that but I'm feeling pulled away from any and all divination...and anything to do with it, even if things are just peripherally involved with the occult studies that used to fascinate me, I feel this sense of being repelled by it.

It is so odd to me, this sudden shift. I don't know what to make of it. I have a prayer of protection that I say before I go to sleep (it's long so I won't bore you with the details) and part of it addresses my guides. I can no longer say that part. Just suddenly one day, I can't say it??

I guess my question to you, is have you ever had this sudden shift in interest/beliefs? Do you think that I'm being led to a new path that just hasn't been revealed? Is there a reason I'm being pulled away from these interests? Do you think I'm just maxed out and my brain is shutting down?? lol Definitely the latter is true but I do feel that something else is happening here.

Any thoughts?
Hello, EmpressArwen. :) I apologise in advance, but this subject is dear to my heart... I do wonder if things have slowed down for you because given your low energy generally, even your aura may not have enough energy about it to keep you clear of unwanted 'stuff' should you read for others, etc... ie, Spirit is protecting you until your energy lifts... maybe... :)

That aside, I rarely read for people, and almost never for myself, anymore. I've taken many paths on my spirituality walk, and there were some reeeeeally long hiatus periods... My mother had literally dozens and dozens of cool esoteric books in our home bookshelves when I was a young teen. I grew up on those, as, aside from the more exciting adventure fiction of the day, that's what I read.

I was getting right into things spiritual, especially reading for self and others with my only deck at the time, the RWT. I was also reading many books on reincarnation, subtle bodies and etc. In the years immediately before and after the birth of my first daughter, I was getting more and more excited by pursuing my spiritual path. I'd gone through most of Mum's books by then, but of course her initial few dozen books had turned into huge numbers (she was a librarian :D). I was about to launch into the whole set of Dawn Hill books when Mum quietly suggested I "don't read that one just yet". When I later read the series, I couldn't really see why it was so unsuitable for me, but perhaps Mum saw me in her, a student of life with an inexhaustible curiosity... and didn't want me to lose myself on that path just when I had little ones to care for and 'grow up'...

It took me more than a decade to really find the space somewhere amidst birthing and rearing three beautiful young ones to start being proactive again in my pursuit of spiritual understanding. But... once I found that space in my life again, it truly was like a champagne cork unstopped itself from that which had blocked my progress and life became so much more than I'd known previously...

Spirituality poured into and out of me through, initially, an intense torrent of poetry. That lasted a bit over two years, and in that time I wrote copious pages of poetry... I thought the poetry would last for ever, but I woke up one day and nothing came... and eventually I realised I was all written out... :)

That was happening in the midst of a quiet moment that was about to unleash the most amazing, enchanting period of rare and precious spiritual experiences in my life at that time, and nothing warned me that it was heading my way... (Although, out of the blue, I went to a Spiritual Wellbeing festival where I received a reading from a gifted reader. Her reading suggested that within a very short period of time my life would absolutely be dominated by my art... Right then, other than decorating for kids parties of stage sets for school concerts or student's murals etc, art was low down on my happenings list... No, she insited, as she laid down another huge number of cards... "Everything here is telling me that your life is very soon going to be all about art..."

Inexplicably, a torrent of artworks, began to pour out of me from where the poetry had ceased flowing, and this combined creativity resulted in the birthing of my own deck...

Now my prayer to the Universe, at least, is offered through a gentle musical instrument.

I think we are spiritual beings (pardon that overused expression, but.... :)), so all that we do is done in spirit, one way or another. People will have heard or read the words "when the student is ready..."... It feels like you are a good student, who just has so much on your plate with life in general that, as someone else noted above, it has become a chore... Perhaps reading isn't what lays ahead for you, but something completely wondrous and joyful...

Sorry, i knew I rave... :)Take time to breathe, and exhale, and breathe again, and I just know something magic will come into your life and take you places you've not even imagined.

Many Blessings to you :heart: