AN OFFSHOOT thread of Strangest Places


I used to always have my Universal Waite Pocket Edition in my car. It literally had a place that stayed there so that I could always do a reading if I needed.

We have gotten a new car and it got taken out for a cleaning. {The car} and it got put somewhere. {Bad thing about people messing with your stuff}

Anyway, I now just carry my favorite decks with me on trips. Or if I know I will have time to play with my cards. I take my Everyday Witch Tarot, Crystal Visions, and now my Sun and Moon Tarot decks with me. I also carry my Psychic Tarot Oracle. These are my current favorite decks and I have to have them on trips. I also my take my 78 Tarot Nautical on trips as I love it as a personal reading deck. It is oversized cards like DruidCraft so I need a table to read with them unless I am just pulling one card.

Brightest Blessings!


Usually, it's a trimmed mid-sized Thoth. I have this specifically to keep in my bag, along with my keys, purse, etc. It's very rare for me not to be carrying this deck.

During October, it's the Hallowe'en Tarot in a tin. I don't particularly care for the tarot-in-a tin idea; love the cards, but I find the tin somewhat rattley. (is that a word?)

However I also usually have my main reading deck of the moment in my bag - so at the moment, it's the Mystical, although for much of this year it's been the Aquarian.


"decided to stick the WHOLE deck in water so at least all the cards would have the same texture, and then I flattened them out"

bonebeach, I love you for this! Just managed to soak my playing cards deck (which I happen to be studying right now) because I wasn't careful watering the plants. Grrrr... Anyway, the deck that's always with me is the RWS mini in a plastic box. I tend to travel light...


My trimmed pocket size Thoth is nearly always with me. I used to carry the Silhouettes for a long time but it's a bit too large - wish there was a pocket sized version! Now the Distant Past poker size is my first choice, but I have lugged around the Centennial RWS (trimmed), the trimmed LoS, the Harmonious mini... and I always have a deck of patience cards in my bag.


When I was deeply studying the Thoth, I always took it in my trips if I knew I'm going to be away for more than a few days.

Now it's the Smith-Waite Centennial and the Barbara Walker, both of which I love to bits.


During October, it's the Hallowe'en Tarot in a tin. I don't particularly care for the tarot-in-a tin idea; love the cards, but I find the tin somewhat rattley. (is that a word?)

It is if you say it is. ;)

I like the tins, though I don't have many tinned decks yet. But I do have the Halloween, and come October I will have it ready to travel!

I don't carry a deck daily, but if I'm going somewhere I think I might use them, I'll pop either the pocket Hanson-Roberts or the mini-RWS into my pocket. It's the size that makes it so easy. But if I go away for a weekend or on vacation, I'll take along an appropriate deck or two: for a science fiction convention, the Quantum 2.0; for a medieval event, the Old English and the Medieval Scapini; sometimes a more general deck or two as well. Those go into a bag in my suitcase or duffel, usually along with other divination materials. It depends on where I'm going and for how long.


I have a little Hanson Roberts that I crocheted myself a bag for that lives in my purse. For a while, I was rocking the Smith-Waite Centennial inna tin but it I switched bags for a bit and it was just a smidge too big. Now, I'm waiting for the Morgan Greer (which should be coming today!) that I think is going to live in my car, quite frankly. I need to have variety and two decks at my beck and call pretty much anywhere I'd be is a good ratio ^_^


I keep my second edition Daniloff deck in an IPhone box, it fits perfectly, no sliding around in the box at all. So it's safe in any bag I may have it in. I also keep the first edition Daniloff in another iPhone box, but as it's a bit more expensive than the second ed, I tend not to use it for reading for others.


Geez I love reading all the posts about what you all use!

I am going through the posts and thinking about each of you and your deck of choice to carry with you most of the time.