As a first-time deck?


I'm getting the Faeries Oracle in a few days. My tarot deck is missing quite a few of its cards, and I lost the book, and after an extensive search, I decided that the Oracle felt right for me.

Now, I never really had a chance to warm up to my tarot deck, so I'm an all-around beginner. Would you recommend this for a first-timer?


Congrats :)

I Personally am not a Tarot person but I love the Oricle they are the Only Cards that have Called to me :)

I would say do the excersizes in the Book & Use your Intuition ...

I refer to the book ocasionally but I havent used a Standard Spread in many months Especially when reading for Others . I tend to let the Person Im reading for Decide How many & in what Pattern they should go this means I can read from this as well as the cards & how & where they fall as well .

all Intuition LOL

Go with your feelings Especially with this Deck :)

BB Silkin


I think it would depend on how you read in order to know if they'd be helpful as a first deck.

If you're seeking a lot of structure, like Tarot offers, then the Faeries may not provide that for you.

If you read by intuition more than standardized meanings, the Faeries can be a very very good deck to work with.

The best thing about the deck, as a beginner, is you can absolutely pick up this deck and start using it and not need to know what all the cards mean first.

It is *extremely* helpful to do the exercises in the beginning of the book. The ideas presented there provide a nice approach to the cards and how to think about them when you work with them.

And, last but not least, have you felt any inclinations towards Faery lore before? Do you have an established "relationship" to the faery realm, so to speak -- how you might picture it in your head, or how it/They interacts with your real world. (Mine are constantly stealing stuff!)

Best of luck to you once your Faeries arrive and I hope you enjoy Their presence as much as I do mine :D.


Oh yes! Do the excercises in the beginning, it'll help you establish your intuition and relationship with these glorious faeries.

As a first deck, hmm, i think it'll be fine personally. If they truly don't work out for you at all, then you can always look into trading them here at the site for another deck. But i think if they're calling to you, then you'll do just fine with them. Everyone's fae are different, and we all have different relationships with ours. My sisters faery have always stolen stuff (Alissa is my sister). I grew up loosing things left and right, and it didn't help that i was a natural medium, so between my spirits and her fae, we were CONSTANTLY loosing things all over the house lol.

Just go with the flow, do the excercises and see how they "feel" to you. I wouldn't stress it at all.

I truly do hope that you find them comfortable, and that you enjoy them as much as I do.


I think it's a very good deck to be starting with. It should get you to tap into your intuition, and that's the most important thing with cardreading...


As a matter of fact, I do follow my gut feelings/intuition quite often. One of the things that turned me away from my tarot deck was the interpretation guide. No matter what, I couldn't grasp the concept of the cards. Something about Oracle seems and feels complete, and the idea that these cards are based your interpration and yours alone appealed to me.

I've always wanted to learn more about Faery lore, yes, though I've yet to establish a relationship with them. One of the many reasons I'm looking forward to getting my deck.

Thanks for your input, it's greatly appreciated.


magdelena said:
As a matter of fact, I do follow my gut feelings/intuition quite often.
then you will love this deck ....

Little Baron

Intuition is the way to go, I think. I hardly ever refered to my book apart from doing the exercises in the start.

I havn't used this deck in a while, which is why I havnt been in the study group but I know that if I pulled it out now, we would start communicating again. Sometimes, it has been nice just to read a little about one or two of the characters if you really are stuck with a card but on the whole, I think that it is an excellent starter deck and also a useful base for standard tarot as well. My friend wanted a tarot deck and I bought her this oracle. She was so chuffed with it. She had seen mine and secretly hoped that that was her surprise Christmas present.

Good luck. Look forward to reading your posts.