began my deck this weekend!!!


hey! I'm excited and want to share. had a complete (and much needed) creative fest this weekend -- and, with the encouragement of some of the people here (thanks guys!) -- I began the creation of my tarot deck. It's it's coming along so quickly, I'm surprized. I sat down initially to plan it out -- but ended up just diving right in, jumping from one card to another, working on several at once. :) :) :) So far, none of the cards are complete, but three are pretty much there (empress, tower, knight of pentacles) -- and several are works in progress (fool, 2 swords, death, devil, moon) -----

would anybody like to take a sneak peak -- and give me somefeed back? :)


memememe let me seeeee



Yep, me too! If your Star card for the FACT deck is anything to go by, your deck will turn out brilliantly, and will be one I would definitely buy!


Geenius at Wrok

Uh, let me think . . . duh! YES!


actually -- I'm a little concerned about copywrite issues.... so I will hold off -- although I'm dying to share!

..... however, if you email me... :)


I can't WAIT to see them Joya!!!


eeee!! always look forward to seeing people's decks, i cant wait!


lemme see 'em

i think we're all waiting.................

(but don't keep up in suspense for too long :)



Oooh! I'm so excited for you, Joya! This is going to be such a wonderful experience for you!

(And for us, too, when the deck is done! ;) )

Have fun! :D




hey guys :)

I don't feel comfortable posting the link -- but email me -- and I'll direct you there. I know I'm prob. just being paranoid -- but I'm taking this project verrry seriously and am wary of internet politics (or whatever) ----

also.... I was going full steam ahead -- and did 4 in about 3 days.... and now... it's kinda stuck, until I'm "clear"...

but thanks for all the positive feedback. (mmmm, feedback.... time to go eat.... haha....)