The source of my inspiration and my pain!


Having sisters and dreams as your source of inspiration are cool, but it is so not cool when sisters are your primarily critics...they love and know you so much and well they can take a look at your cards and break them down to pieces heartlessly. Hee hee hee...

Anybody ever have this kind of problem? Someone you care is also your fan and ardent critic?

Faerie Lin

In a way I think. I just recently told my husband that I'm not letting him look at my artwork anymore (webdesign, tarot design ect.) He ALWAYS has something to say. Some little comment that he thinks will make it look better. Some little thing that he thinks need changing. I use to fall into that trap and change it, then "I'd" be the one not satisfied with the work. So JUST RECENTLY (lol) I told him that I'm not gonna ask him what he thinks about my work anymore. I'm just gonna create to please myself.

Anyways, you have so many adoring fans of your work here at Aeclectic!!!



i thought my brother and sisters would drive me nuts they were so critical of me while we were growing up. i was into art and writing and they were always making fun of it or degrading my privacy by always being on the look out for the latest place i hid my journal. i couldn't wait to leave home to get away from them!

i stopped showing my husband my poetry after i showed him a piece i spent around a year working on. i thought it was near perfection. he read it and said,"what's this about? i don't understand!" i whipped it out of his hands! LOL other ppl who read it got the message! he seems to get my artwork better than my writing. to his credit, he did understand a tarot deck review i did recently. i'm still not sharing anymore poetry!


My art is very 'precious' to me... to the point that I can't bear to sell any of my work... I would prefer to give it away as a gift than sell it... and I often don't show people my stuff. My parents have never seen any of my tarot cards or a lot of my work because they just don't 'get' it...


ugh! when i write something for homework, and it's just a rough copy, i show it to my parents and what do they say first off?

"Sam, do I show you the mistakes?" or
"Sam, do you really mean that?"

then they beg me to let them correct my errors!m I mean jesus! can't they just compliment me one f^uckin time without critisising my work? jeez!