Book of Law Study Group 1.12


similia said:
First reading this line, I thought of the image of the Sun card, with naked children outside, celebrating and dancing, except in this case under a night sky full of stars and not a day time one with just the one sun.

That lead me to think about the use of the plural children rather than the singular child. We're being asked not to only celebrate that each of us is a deity/star/part of Nuit, but also that everyone else is also one of the many deity/stars and that we are surrounded by other little bits of Nuit. So now the image in my mind is more like a field of lights in the sky and on the ground, all dancing together. Quite pretty and joyful really :D

And of course we are 'under the stars' in the day time as well ... we just cant physically SEE them ;)

[Just like when the bright light of my ego is so scintillating (the one sun) I find it hard to see the other stars :laugh:]


This line is joyful and energizing. It really makes me feel that all existence is good, even if not for me, or any individual point of view.
The very thing that things exist, and move, and create, and make mistakes, regenerate, decay and die is good.
Because it is opposed to void and nothingness.
Whatever happens to us is our fill of love.. let's truly appreciate it and get energized by it.
And if we are lucky enough to be on a path of wisdom, let's see how everything can be put to work for the completition of the Great Work!