My sister sister delivers newspapers at night..I was there helping her last night. While we were waiting for the truck to show up.I brought out my tarot deck (Hanson-Roberts). There was a guy who wanted a reading also so I did a reading..Then I found out he has visions..he doesnt tell many people because it scares them off..He has been having them since he was 43..He predicted and earthquake..He told my sister there would be an earthquake somewhere before the end of the month..It let me get to the point..I told him I would find out the best books for things about visions and past lives..He has a lot of past life experiences..So please tell me what you think the best books are..He has never looked into workign with his visions..He says sometimes they scare him..Also something on about how to protect himself...Thanks


I would recommend that he start with Tarot.
When you work with Tarot, it is a great way to learn the discipline (shielding, grounding, when not to speak) necessary to begin working with other disciplines. Your friend most likely would be brilliant at Scrying and Psychometry.
Runes would be as good as Tarot (and for this guy preferable).

I am going to steer you away from books at this time. He needs a physical (non cerebral) method to work with, and fast.


check out marcy calhoun books!!!!!!!!

i highly recommend "are you really too sensitive?" by marcy calhoun. she puts names and definitions on what your friend has been experiencing. she calls ppl that have intuitive experiences "ultrasensitives" which i like so much better than psychic. psychic can have such a negative connotation. she offers comfort that you aren't alone--that many other ppl experience these things. she helped me realize that by isolating myself and feeling ashamed of my intuition that i was causing myself more harm than good. she helped me calm down about my sensitivity and understand what was happening to me better than any other book out there. she also had do-able suggestions on how to live in this world and protect myself. she also has a new book out but i haven't gotten into it yet.

having only tarot to connect to didn't ease my sense of isolation from the world. tarot made my sense of isolation worse. there were so few ppl i could share what i was experiencing b/c this is such a conservative fundy area. seeing, feeling, hearing or knowing things other ppl don't is a frightening experience. if you share that w/ the wrong ppl they might think you are having psychotic hallucinations. it's really terrible to live in that kind of fear. i really felt like i was losing my mind until i found marcy. she has been my life preserver.

marcy has a website about her work and sells her books there. they aren't but around $11 or $13--not much to spend for something that could help so much!!!!!!!! you can easily find it on a web search.


you might also want to check out the thread on shutting out psychic impressions b/c of fear. i think it's in this section or the one on spirituality. lots of good ideas there.

sending your friend lots of good vibes!


Thanks everyone I will let him know...he doesnt have a computer..Or even knows what online is..So I will just tell him about the book..