Rune Study: Mind and Materials



There are a lot of books written on the history of runes. If you want history, seek out those authors.

I shall address only the use of Rune Stones for divination, and self exploration.

Also remember, times have changed since Runes first came into use. Some things change with time, not only in language and culture, but also by things of everyday usage.

In today's sped up world of instant gratification, most folks want wish fulfillment now, and make that without any effort. "I wanna lose weight, just gimmie a pill."

Oracular devices play into this need for the folks I call "gimme-gimme's". Runes will be a sorry disappointment for these folks. Runes are not a Oiji board.

Most folks out there now see the spiritual side of their lives as only needing attention for an hour or two a week, in their local church or whatever. Most pagans are paganistic only when it is convenient. Many talk the talk, but cannot walk the walk.
So you want to be a Vitki?

It is time to walk the walk and let your actions do the talking.

So many people state that they will take care of their spiritual side later, "I don't have time now". The spirit does not wait. If a car bomb goes off next to you, you cannot begin working on your spirit tomorrow.

It has been said that Odhinn hung on the tree for nine days and nine night to gain the runes; which he then gave to mortal man as a means of communication with the Gods.
Let us not cheapen the gift.

The Runes will provide for you a perfect tool for helping you open your spiritual side, should you choose to use them.

Here is a question for you. How is it possible to take care of your daily life, your vocation, school, mundane interactions, and still keep the spiritual in mind?

By developing a "split consciousness" or split/divided focus. To develop a state of mind where small portion of your mind is always focused and open to the voice of the Gods, and your spiritual side. Where even if a client is screaming at you, you don't have to think "Ooops, I forgot to think about..." Without aid, it is a state impossible for most folks.

However it is possible, and the stones can be your tool, AND, it is, and should be part of the Bonding Process.
We are used to wearing jewelry. A ring "disappears" after a few hours. A pendant/talisman is admired in the mirror, and then forgotten.
I would like to tell you what worked for me. It has worked for many others. It will work for you.

I recently found a "Memento Mori" a carved stone skull. They were used in a long ago time to help folks remember that as mortals, our time is short. We are but shadows and dust. It is heavy. Just shy of a pound. It is large, about 3 inches around. I carry it in my blazer pocket (always). It is large enough where I am always aware of it, but it is not in my way. After time, focus is trained to be divided. You become of two minds. One portion is working with the mundane world, and the other is ALWAYS pushing the darkness back.

Any stone will do. The point is to have it be a constant reminder.

Your Rune Stones in a nice corduroy drawstring bag will do just fine, and allow you to bond with each other. You learn to split focus and become more spiritual, and your stones bond with the spiritual aspect of your consciousness and not the mundane. (This is huge).

Having split mind/focus also creates a natural shield.

I work in a profession where I interact with clients and their money. I never tell them what it is I do. I always try to allow my actions speak for me. I for myself must live the principals taught by the runes, and constantly create a world where the concepts of Fehu and Gifu are not esoteric concepts, but living examples of my efforts.

Begin cultivating the spiritual side of your life now. it is not difficult.

It also helps grow my client base, and none of my clients ever know that I am a pagan (I choose not to upset their fragile world).

The Runes also provide me with two other import insights. Before I meet with clients, I "spy on them with a quick layout"". Regardless of their words, I have insight into what their real needs are. Most folks think they know what they need, but are looking for solutions without looking at the problems. Runes give me the insight.

When I do a Tarot reading for one of my Tarot clients, I have them draw stones from the bag (3 or 5). I do not use these as a reading. I do not explain them to the client. However it is a heads up that I use for the reading. The client may be asking about love, but the Runes will dig way below the question to their innermost issues.


When you first get/receive a new set of stones, you will need to bond, or imprint them (purify etc.). You can bury them, smoke them (using sage smudge, or your favorite flavor).

I like to put them in a cloth bag, and simply carry them with me for a few days. At night I place them under my pillow. In the day they are either in a jacket pocket or in my briefcase (summer time will find them in the modern day equivalent to a shaman’s bag, the fanny pack). I don’t take them out and look at them, and I treat the set as a unit.

Some folks will chat about Rune Stone sets being sealed and unsealed. They explain that sealed sets can’t be bonded with. I have never found a stone that cannot be imprinted with, perhaps stones simply adapt to me, I don’t know. Sets made of glass, or composite materials I avoid, they don’t bond well (they tend to be fickle).

My point here is, you do not want to get complicated about the bonding process. Let the stones bond with you in their own time. They will attune to your vibration level (or you them). Don’t force it, let it happen. It may take three hours or three days.

I prefer Rune Stones of Onyx. Onyx works with the Base, or Root Chakra (I liken this to the root of Yggdrasill). That is the vibrational level that the stones/you will be working at.

Some folks, feel it is necessary anoint the stones with their blood. This is a way of committing yourself to your stones. This is not a parlor game fortune telling set. This is serious. Commit within yourself. Blood also speeds up the bonding process because or your mental state at the time of anointing.

Pre-Reading Rituals

Some authors go into great lengths to explain the rituals necessary before a reading is given. It is my opinion, that rituals serve to “get your mind right”, to “be here now”. Like a pianist sitting down before a keyboard does not just rip into a piece. They sit, get their mind right, and then produce music.

What ever you find necessary to do, to get your mind in the correct space before a reading, you should do. This is not a parlor game.

owen glendower


In my use of the runes, I find that they are of greatest value when used for practical or earth plane puposes. Do you feel that this may be because of their natural connection with the earth? I really like to use the runes for my own personal readings , as I find they are often more direct than my cards. Any thoughts?


We will all work with Runes in slightly different ways; that is good. Kiama, Malachite and I all work differently, none of us are right and wrong, simply different, and equally effective.
For me, I find that they work very well on the earth plane.
However, I also find they work extremely well on other (spiritual) levels, albeit in more subtle ways.
Usually our mundane issues are a mirror of a much deeper issue. Runes tend to point directly to the deeper issues.


i went looking for onyx stones on the net as i didn't know what they look like.
these are beautiful in color, i would like a set of those.
can you tell me where i can get these and how you do the engraving of the glyphs?



Bonding and Consecration, you may want to look at the Rune Study: Consecration thread again.
Is there a difference between the two? Not really, both are valid methods for attuning yourself to your runes.


so, i've been doing some reading........

it would seem that carving sticks or bones would be historically accurate. is there anyone who has done this? is there any specific reason you've chosen the disc shape over a stick shape?