Charging/Cleansing Cards in the Moonlight??


When you place your cards in a window sill as I've seen many say they do, to charge or cleanse them, does it have to be a window sill that gets direct moonlight? Or does the fact the the moon is out and will indirectly provide some light through the window count? Or does one work better than the other?

Reason: I don't have any windows that get direct moonlight because we have so many trees around our house. And I need to cleanse and recharge my cards.

Thanks & Blessings,


You can take a bath towel and go outside under the moon, spread the cards out & let them lay there for 10 minutes while you take in the sights & look at the moon yourself. I think that would give more of an interaction with the deck AND get you out into nature for a while, both of which are pretty good.

Some say that the act of shuffling moves enough energies around in the cards that they realign pretty well that way. Passing them through sage smoke is another way of cleansing. Or laying a quartz crystal on top the deck for a while (especially if the crystal has been washed in running water - if you want to get technical). Just use what feels good for you, there's no set way to do it.


Thank You HudsonGray :)

I think I will forgo the one with the moon option till it get a bit warmer outside. Though I am a moon lover, it has been in the low 20's at night here. And I don't like to be cold, LOL. I will however keep this one in mind for warmer weather as I so love the moon on a spring and/or summer night. Autumn is good too, just not freezing winter. Even though she is so very pretty during the winter. Hum? I might have to break down and give this one a try anyway, lol.

Sage Smoke I can do too, though it will have to be in the basement as hubby doesn't care for the smell. Silly man ;)

I like the cyrstal idea too. We have a small spring that runs through our yard. It comes from the same spring on the hillside that feeds our gravity flow water system. Nothing like the taste of clean, cold, spring water :) I can cleanse my crystal in it in the morning and have it ready to cleanse my cards when I go to bed tomorrow night.

Thanks again. I appreciate your help.



I have the feeling you already know how you'd like to do this,
or even that's there is something you do sometimes but don't
think that it may be the best way and you may be looking for
an answer on what works, and what is the right or good way?

Sun and moonlight might do you more good than the cards but
then why not share them together? Every once in awhile I put
all the cards from my reading deck back in order the way that
I see the order being, and kind of let them rest like that awhile.

I've taken the deck with me when I go out for a walk before a
reading I'm going to do, just to let the quieter thoughts come,
and it feels good to know how truly close the cards are to me.
You can create this all the way you sense it wants being done.


Hi Fulgour,
YOu know, it is kind of odd. I really didn't know how I wanted to do this, that is why I asked. I mean, I didn't know in my mind, my logic at least. But after reading HudsonGray's suggestions, it was like they rang a familiar bell in my heart. Like I knew the answer buried somewhere deep in my soul but didn't know where. I know that sounds strange but it is the only way that I know how to describe the feeling I got when I read the post.
I hope that you don't think that I'm posting questions just to post. That honestly is not the case. It was a genuine question.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by:

then why not share them together?>
Do you mean just to let them rest?

I do like the idea of putting my cards in my pocket on a walk, and having them close to me as I get close to nature. Another thing that I had not thought of.
Thank you for you thoughts on this.



Silverkitten wrote:I'm not quite sure what you mean by:

then why not share them together?>
Do you mean just to let them rest?
Just like going for a walk you can take them along,
or if you're going to do a reading, set them aside
and just relax with nature, with the cards a little
in mind, but also honing your awarenesses before.

Whether to take them along, or set them aside,
it's all part of the moment, what feels best then.

And I want to say thank you for exploring this area,
and being so open. I had to dig a little deep to find
some of my thoughts too. It's a very personal thing.


You can put a crystal that represents the moon on top of them (i just put any that looks nice for spiritual purposes). I think quartz is one...correct me if im wrong, i dont know anything about crystals.


Hi Silverkitten,

I know of one ATF member who, when she receives a deck carries them around in her special bra so that they are close to her heart. She does this with new and second-hand decks.

As Fulgour suggested, the sun has very good cleansing properties too. It might be easier/safer to take your deck out during the day. I sometimes cleanse my crystals in sunlight.



Hi Purple_scorp,
Now that is one that I really had never thought of. I would only have one reservation about carrying used cards that close to my heart. And that would be, that if they came with any dark or negative energy attached to them, I would not want to give it opportunity to reabsorbed by me. I think that I'd like to cleanse them in a different way before I placed them that close to my heart. But that is just me. Now, I may just be uncomfortable with that because I'm not that wise in tarot yet. I don't know. But if it works for her and she is comfortable with it then that is awesome.
I did take my crystal out to the spring the other day and let it set on my deck for a few days. I've noticed that my readings are not a much of a struggle as they were becomeing. So I'm thinking that my deck needed to be cleansed.
Thanks for your input :)