ciro kipper, 6 mature woman


It is kind of funny , this is the picture on the little book, but this is actually the first card I picked by my ritual to study the kipper. It is the first one I was supposed to study I feel.

The mature woman
Description of card

She is wearing a blue dress which in the current idea means peace, and expression of the self. (throat chakra understanding ) . she has some purple on her chest that runs around to hang off her shoulders. This represents to me her royalty, she is trying to adhere to her traditions as taught to her by her mentors like her mother, grandmother, and her peers of society. The rules of society were quiet important in the day so the mature woman understood them and lived by them.
It was by the rules of the day that she strived to understand her spirituality as evident in her purple curtains that hung over her head and at the side in this picture as she sat on the couch. In this way she was seen as a queen of her house, and I am seeing mature woman as noble woman who strived to be like the highest ladders of their society circles. The redness of the frames walls and the couch she is sitting on shows her life vitality as in those days it was hard for a woman to become a mature woman as there was childbirth, flu, malnutrition, and avoid being killed by life to become a mature woman when in 2016 we think of nothing if a woman lives to be 70s and to die in ones late 40s and earl 50s of unnatural causes is to die young.
The various flowers on the table to me represents feminity yet also a connection to nature, and that she was to be seen as not as powerful for there is a connection to the little girl so she would appear weaker then she was hiding her power of her mind and force of will.
The view of the clouds, and lighting suggests to me that the sun is setting and it was important to talk of such matters before the candles were light as electricity wasn’t’ as widespread but for the very rich.
And finally the hands being closed on her lap indicate she is closed for business, that she wouldn’t easily be swayed for one temptations either in the business world, or the political world. It could also be she is holding back her emotions by clasping her hands while you talk to her.
It could be though that this was the lady like position of the day.

She could be a mature family member of various positions either granny etc. who is very educated.
And so she could be a person of authority (think the mean as heck step mother from Disney Cinderella when negatively comboed).

When in positional readings.
Suppose you ask about outcome of love and you are a young man and get this a response it doesn’t mean you are will be out with a granny. (nothing wrong with that, love conquers all ) but it could mean that you will go out with a person older then you by a couple of years, or a person who is your own age but she is so mature that she may not like doing the things you like for she likes the older activies like bingo instead of going out to see a movie.
Suppose you ask about business and ask will you find a job. This could represent she will be your boss, or helping an older lady will lead you to a job opportunity.
Suppose you say tell me about myself and get the mature woman and you are hetro , it could mean that even in this day and age, if you do not go out to meet a person you will end up an old maid. (what is good for the goose is good for the gander ). Or perhaps that you shouldn’t be looking to be regal man but more of a gentle soul like the good old teacher you use to have.

Using reversals
In positional readings you don’t’ have the combos to tell you if the mature woman is the boss for the devils wears prada or a good noble lady of the heart who will help you out when you need.
So the reversal I see her that she is the evil stepmother, or perhaps she is the woman of heart of gold but she can’t help you.
Combos spreads (random examples)

Two card combos

38 toils and labours above 6 mature woman
A mature woman who works really hard could help you but you should help her as well for while she is strong remember she is mature in the body. Or perhaps you ask if she can handle the job and she can.

12 privileged lady left of 6 mature woman
The lady you have your eye on will make a fine wife and be with you into her mature years , or the lady could hire a mature woman to look after her children. Or perhaps it is a love question like the old lovers card and ask who should I marry, the question is answered by who do you see yourself growing old with her,, and not by position.

6 mature woman right of the 19 coffin.
The mature woman is not scared of death but will fight to help her family. It could even mean she is ready for death if she has cancer and is ready to sing to god.

6 mature woman above official person
She is helped by the official person,, perhaps she is the one who can get though to the beurocrat for she has her own power of persuasion and knows what to say.

3 card combos
Upper left to the bottom right in 9 card spread
36 distant horizons 6 mature woman 26 great fortune
By traveling far to the see the business lady will lead to great fortune but only if you can impress her for she isn’t easily swayed. To be certain she will be there.

Botton left to the upper right in 9 card spread
8 false person , 6 mature woman , 18 child
The mature woman who is trying to be your friend wants to adopt your child , or desires your child as her own(or hate children) so if you hired a governess you have to be certain she isn’t being too hard on your child.

Mature woman in 3 card business

6 mature woman 21 family room, 15 lovers
the focus could be too much on family and not enough on business. The mature woman when she grows olds know that love has no business in business so the main thing is to focus on the issue at hand.
Perhaps she can help, if you asking about business and then an old family aunt maybe can help.

28 expectation 6 mature woman , 30 judication
There is high expectation here however the mature woman may have the right of way when it comes to business so it behooves you to double check the contracts and look for local custom acts.

11 sudden wealth , 29 imprisonment , 6 mature woman
The sudden money you win will not be yours ,for someone will find a way to put you in jail for it, and you wont get out to your wife is a mature woman.

asking about health, 9 card reading mature woman in the middle.

I covered the mature woman and the card that came up is imprisonment ,
Asking the mature woman about it and she says (imaging I am reading for an older lady )
Oh sometimes it is like I am in prison for I can’t get out of bed for my back is really sore, it is like I am a prisoner in my own home. .. (suppose she is only 55 so she sees herself to young to live in an old folks home )
Or perhaps she reveals she really went to prison in her youth eh ? hm well to the actual reading.

As I sat down to think about this for a bit the idea came to me to look at the cards around middle card like it was a picture frame that are outside influences affecting the mature woman as health.

Court house , pathway , judication
Your health is stressing , these cards suggests that you actually do have a case going on and it is affecting your for stress kills. The path way here suggest that you are wondering what is the right way to go about it do I keep telling the truth. The case could be in your favour.

30 judication 26 great fortune, 18 child
The law is on your side , and you will have the funds to help your raise your grand child. Your grand child loves you with all her heart and is worth fighting for

18 child , 7 message , 15 lovers
It could be the biological parent of your grandchild will send you an email about her relationship and perhaps that you wont’ have to raise your child but just a year or so.

15 lovers 37 poverty 23 court house
The biological offspring you have has suffered by working hard and that has lead to them being in court possibly divorcing each other.
Now to see how these cards interact with the mature woman herself..
Remember as you do this you already did this with the 2 cards combos and 3 card excerise .

23 court house , mature woman, 18 child
It is essential for your health to get the best lawyer possible so you can fight for the best deal for your grand child . you feel it is essential to keep her out of court so she can maintain her innocence for a while longer.
Reading it the other way,,
The child is worth fighting for,, you can be strong enough in health to go to court house.
(perhaps the person asking about health don’t feel they will be seen in court as a credible person but the mature woman says they will )

35 pathway , 6 mature woman , 7 message
You have not lost your way , you believe in the narrow path of rightenous so you feel it Is essential to speak your mind. Perhaps you can do it diplomatically so by writing out your email in different versions will help you get your message across.
Reading it the other way ..
The message from the mature woman will give you guidance In your health to make the correct decisions and she says she will be there when you need her.

30 judication 6 mature woman 15 lovers
The court is going to ask you to tell the truth , and the facts where it comes to the lovers you know. The judge is going to rely on you for the facts. You do not have to stretch the truth for the lovers have to go through this in order them to stay together

26 great fortune , 6 mature woman , 37 impoverty
When you get good money,, be frugal for you could quickly lose it again.
Reading it the right way though the mature woman will be get some good money and that help her with her health as her stress will be reduced

Going back to the 3 card readings for a second.
The mature woman as the soul message, not necessarily related to the question but what the creator feels you really need to know right now, as a message for your soul.

6. mature woman, 4 courtship, 20 house
You are not too old for love despite what you feel , for you deserve to be courted and have a happy house. Heck do the courting if you want eheh.

3, marriage, 6 mature woman, 32 despair
You marriage will be good for your wife, she wants to be your wife for she likes your station in life, and your education. Do not despair for you deserve her.
(or perhaps it may be that when he is lowest in life she will be there by his side because of the marriage vows they made, that is she still loves him )

8 false person, 28 expectation , mature woman
I know the business lady made her promises to you, and she even praised you and but somehow she is not being on the level about what she can do for you.