study of ciro kipper, Fin de Siécle fortune telling deck, source


hi guys

I have the ciro kipper , which to me is what this kipper deck will be called in the months and years to come despite it being called fin de siècle "end of century " by the author mostly because it Is such a hard name to spell that it is easier to say ciro kipper at least for me. hmm then again it is easier to say waite then Arthur tarot so only time will tell. of course it will be confusing if ciro in a year or two makes a new kipper that represents 2000s or end of 1900s as this kipper is based on the end of 1800s regardless as that isn't even an idea of Ciro's far as I know , we need not worry about it.

I thought about looking at the mystical kipper as I got one in the mail but as I thought about it, this kipper was designed with the intent to bring kipper into the mainstream again. so I think more people would get this kippers in the five years compared to others that may come.

I think you may even look at this as the possible beginning of the kipper creation trend as more people start to study it , it lends to itself to beautiful artwork as shown here in the kippers.

it is my intent not plagiarise Ciro 81 page booklet (if that was so why not have ciro just paste his stuff into the forum ) but rather for each person to look at the kippers as designed by Ciro and see it from their own point of view , as we all do in the end when looking at tarots and oracles.

so starting this thread ciro himself started an interest in this deck here in this thread.

and there must be some points made.

1. it is intended this be a gentle introduction to the kipper for those people who are new. so other people who may be kipper traditionlists adhering to the old ways , may be at odds with this.

this is natural as there you look at the tarot imo there may at the time when it first came out be those who had marsielles decks and found it strange or hard to look at the new versions of tarot coming out .

then some years later the waite with is pictures was easier to buy , especially with its books in English.

2. it is a lot easier in north America and Canada to get a hand on this kipper then any german type of kipper. it is true we just a kipper book in English come in December, however in Canada it is not easily gotten.
so in the end we have to rely on the guidelines set forth by the book for now and look for other resources online.


there are three rules I thought of well things to accept when looking at this.

1. it is 2016 now, so we must look at the images in the deck and try to relate to them as much as possible to the current world.

2. it is based on old tradition so with respect we must look to the past for its wisdom.

3. do not forget your intuition,, any good oracle, or tarot reader imo has to be open up to their intuition or they might as well just read from the book.

one thing I would add is one time I was asked how I would read a card in this situation and so I shared my thoughts and the person said to me it was like you were reading from a book. and so I was surpised for I thought I had moved book meanings,, it was of course 13 years ago now, and I could of evolved but sure when you see the death card ,, it shouldn't mean money is going to be won at bingo ,, unless it is the death of poverty ehe.

so there are man approaches to learning an oracle ..
there are those who adhere to the literal meaning, and nothing else ,,
there are those who rely on the images..
there are those who may use numerology.
perhaps psychology , or some other system I haven't tried.

there may be one or two who looked at the thread and be lucky that they know the old german traditions of the kipper, aka can speak the language fluently and be kipper masters. , I encourage you to make traditional kipper thread so we look at it historically.

finally there are 3 extra kipper cards in this version. this is because of ciro felt the kipper version he was gifted with had a idealized view of how life was.. so these 3 extra cards speaks to how hard things could were in the Victorian age.

(In the years to come I am sure you will see Dracula kippers, 1900s kippers, kipper of the lords of the rings, etc. so let us open our minds.).

before beginning there are 3 other views in the guide book by 3 other experts in the field.

for me the key parts is the kipper is focused on people, and complex relations while the lenormand is focused on outside influences and animals energies. so these can be combined if one wants into one reading.
(eventually someone will make the kipper lenny deck combining the two and it will be almost 78 cards eheh I think )
one key point made in the introduction is the idea that the cards don't have to be read in combos

and that is an eye opener for the spread at the end of the little book has no possiblites for a combo aka xxx for it is a positional spread though I guess one could 3 cards here and there . (one could find patterns aka combos in almost any spreads,even if not designed to be read like that).

that is a key thing for in my own view each card can stand on its own for such is the in depth meaning of each card, so it lends itself to positional spreads quite well.

as a challenge I tested myself for one of the contributers said that the old images of the kipper was cryptic sometimes and couldn't be read out of the box, but the kipper was designed so it could be read out of the box.
so I did it,, my first reading with the deck is here.

as you can see as you look at it,, inspired by the positional thread I used the celtic cross but as combo spread rather then positional spread, just added the postion leading to the outcome as extra info for the combos.

ok guys need someone people to start reading with the ciro kipper here in the oracle. , and some to start a talk on it. so perhaps in a year we will get our own kipper section like there is a lenormand.
I am 500 pounds , have sleep apa so I may not be here for most of it but at the least I will help get started.
kipper on my friends.


the kipper cards individual meanings.

as a virgo I love order, and systems, with that being said, using the cut the deck into 3 piles and putting it back together and using my left hand to quickly cut the deck, I will pick a card to study each day til getting through the 39 cards. perhaps afterwards will redo this post to put them in order. but for now it seems more natural.

the card will be described as seen, then described from comparing the 3 descriptions then looked up at as in a positional reading, then in 2 card combos, then in 3 card combos then finally in a 9 card combo spread. so I suggest when I do the 2 card combos you do the same, then 3 cards and so forth.
it is important I think not to shuffle the cards for the excerises after you do the initial shuffling that way you end up with some interesting combos, learn the cards faster for you see more of them.
what I mean is you do not reshuffle the cards to use them again, but instead can do a little mini shuffle in the 3 card questions in order to a sense of randomness.

6. mature woman

31. bad health

note here I will start incorporating reversals into the rest of the combo, for I use reversals when I read the tarot.

2. main female

12 privileged lady

5. mature man

11. sudden wealth

29. imprisonment

17 gift

7 message

4 courtship

30 Judication

here is a link to the comparison in kipper title between ciro and mystical