Clow Cards Revisited.


Hey everyone!
Just discovered this thread. How's the deck working for people? I'd be really interested to find out how the cards are working sticking to the LWB definitions, as I'm not an intuitive card reader. Thanks!


So I put together a little website for the Clow card meanings a few weeks ago, but haven't posted it, as I kept thinking I could go back to it to refine it. I currently don't have time to, but decided to share the link, as I thought it might help some people. With that in mind, know that it may not work on all browsers. It was designed with the Google Chrome browser in mind, and works on Android and iPhones, and is meant to be added to the home screen. It doesn't work so well on small screens like the iPod touch, especially if used in the browser, and not added to homesceen.

Anyways, check it out and let me know what you think, and if anything doesn't work, let me know.