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I had a chance to do a reading with the Fey deck. Within a three card spread in which the third and final card was the Fool reversed -- the position was "direction to take to resolve an issue" -- I included the following thoughts in my comment.

FOOL reversed:
In this card the Fool has paused to examine with awe an illuminated jack-o-lantern. As a reversed card I saw this card and position as indicating that the querent should not pause, that waiting or not pursuing a goal was the wrong decision, that there was every reason to move forward. Otherwise, the keys to an idea would never materialize and a later frustration might ensue.

The distraction of the Fool by the jack-o-lantern is symbolism that is not presented in other decks and changes the interpretation somewhat for the Fool in either its upright or reversed position. Has anyone had other insights on this particular card relative to other Fool cards? Dave.


I don't do reversals with my Fey deck- so this is interesting to me.
It took me a bit to sit and think about how I would see a reversed Fool. First think that would happen is that the candle inside the Jack-o-lantern would go out. The light that is holding the fool captivated is no longer burning.
Also, the strands of Keys may slip from the Fools body and fall away.
So my concusion is much the same as yours- this is not a time to just sit and watch things burn away. For if one does, one will miss important opprotunities, and possibly lose all the keys needed to move through the doors towards the goal.


Very nice

Luna, a very nice take on the Fool reversed. The fact that we each saw differing aspects of the card, yet reached the same basic conclusion, points to the total integrity of the card's concept and illustration. While Mary Greer's Tarot Reversals (which I consider to be a fabulous work) outlines broadly similar thoughts, the idea of the jack-o-lantern being a distraction from what needs to be done is a unique view apparently. As I continue to work with the Fey deck i am surprised by how literal these cards can be read -- I wonder if we need any tarot skills at all on some days. Dave.


Re: Very nice

dadsnook2000 said:
As I continue to work with the Fey deck i am surprised by how literal these cards can be read -- I wonder if we need any tarot skills at all on some days.

As with any deck- a lack of the tarot traditional basics don't need to be there to read- but it just seems like they Fey are bi-ligual naturally. They are like those people that can walk into any 'culture' and fit right in and be understood by all.


Hello Luna and Dad,
I was the lucky recipient of the reading, and Dave it was stellar stuff. If you wish to post it on the reading exchange I will help you reconstruct it, and I will offer you a read as well, with something other than the Fey, as I don't have one....yet!

But, I must say, that I was very impressed with the artwork and was really foaming at the mouth to look through the entire deck, but had to leave the meeting.

The Fool was very interesting to me, and since I don't read reversals, seeing how Dave handled this reversal was a great lesson. And I spent some time thinking about how this Fool card was handled. I can still See the eyes on the all of the Feys in my reading, very powerful imagery. But the Fool's eyes, burning with that intensity....whew. I can say that rcvg the reading, knowing the Fool as I have learned it to date and having it come up reversed telling me to move, to do it, was wild, visceral.

It is interesting to know that once released from a glamour one needs to move, post haste, or one will maybe lose out on the opportunity just illuminated.


Elf's reading

I have posted Elf's reading, as I remember it, on the Reading Exchange. Those who are interested in seeing how the Fool reversed fit into the short spread used can see it all there. I'll be on vacation for some 10 days and will check in then -- unless I can get a seat at a computer at the local library where I will be. Dave.