Fey vs. RW - Set #2


In this thread we will compare the images to RW images of tarot.
- how does the Fey image reflect the image of the typical RW decks- If they don't, then what Fey symbols bring forth the meaning of the RW image.

We will also compare the Fey themselves- how does this group of cards compare to each-other?
What things do they have in common, what seems out of place?

Cards in set #2
II the Seer
XI Justice
XX Judgement
all Duces from the suits; Pentacles, Chalices, Swords & Wands.


The Seer, Justice and Judgement in the two-set.

This "2 set" may offer more of a challenge than the "2 set" did. The number two implies a pairing of some kind; perspective (looking outward), opposition (looking at oneself as if through anothers eyes), compromise (looking at both sides).

While the HP stares outward, or at us, in an unmoving position, the Seer is instead looking at "knowledge" in the form of a book, her hand (and seemingly her eyes) moving across the pages. A door is behind her, backed by a cloud misted sky and flanked by magical beasts. Does the door open to that sky? Will the magical guards let you pass? Will the Seer look up as you pass? Is she, herself, preparing to pass through the door?

The HP of the Waite-Smith deck doesn't hide what seems to be behind the veil. Being able to pass the veil may be more important but there is no obvious clue as how to proceed with her. Both Seer and HP are mysterious. The Seer looks approachable. In both cards "two-ness" implies that you have to pass the veil with help of the lady who guards it.

We have a familiar symbol in the Waite-Smith Justice -- a balance between the sword and fairness (the scale -- the world's first tool of commerce and of arbitration). The Fey Justice, while not very threatening or imposing, brings an immediate apprehension. Just what is this Fey doing with the feather, the painted 3rd eye, the rings about the neck and wrist -- How is this to be seen as Justice personified? Is this Justice causing the feather to float or is it to be caught as it drifts downward? Is the painted eye much like the possibly-unseeing blank eyes of the Fey? Why so young a Fey -- is a child to judge the affairs of others? Why bells and a braclet -- who is adornment for?

I can't see "two-ness" here. I'm lost.

Here in the Fey tarot, the Fey is what is being created from the head or imagination of an artist (the deck's creator). Fey are both emerging and cavorting about while the artist rests and/or thinks. Fey coming to life, newness relative to what was "before" is on the artist's mind. The process of transformation seem to be moving quickly despite the current pause. The Waite-Smith deck also conveys transformation leading to a call before a higher power. There the transformation is experienced due to a happening outside of self. In the Fey deck, transformation is happening within.

Again in the two series, the Fey deck has more movement and action in the first two cards I reviewed, while the Waite-Smith deck reserves its movement for the springing up of the newly awakened. Someone will have to offer some help to me for the Fey Justice card -- I can't quite grasp its meaning without much more thought and appreciation.


The two cards themselves

A fey wearing funky clothes and wild hair style is offered a cup from a mermaid-Fey. An unlikely couple? They obviously know each other as she sits with her back to him, yet paying attention to his needs. The Waite-Smith two of cups card is totally different in its portrayal, yet it also conveys sharing, closeness, friendship as cups are exchanged -- there it is an equal giving and taking, in the Fey card it is shown as offering and acceptance. The message is much the same.

Here the two decks take differing paths. The W-S card depicts balance, holding a static and perhaps stressful positon, and suggests that something may have to change -- soon, perhaps. The Fey deck shows an agressive posture, the sword held before the Fey's face and eyes in a having-just-made-a-slashing motion stance -- note the belt-ends still bouncing about as a result of the very recent motion. This card is anger in motion and is very unlike the passive nature of the Waite-Smith card. Who is this Fey fighting against and why? HOW WOULD THIS CHANGE YOUR READING relative to having the Waite-Smith two of swords before you? Now, thats a question !!!

The W-S deck depicts two pentacles being tossed about while the Fey deck shows two beings admiring the one pentacle. In this "two-ness" scene there is a Fey and a sprite -- both feeling the same way about the treasure before them. So, do we admire a treasure for what it is (Fey) or do we play with our treasure so as to choose which of it we like best (Waite-Smitch). How does that explain "two-ness?" One admiring many, or many admiring one. Perhaps its just different sides of the same coin. (Pun. I made a pun!)

One Fey sits in a nest high in a tree -- very, very high in a tree. The W-S deck shows one figure watching ship set sail to sea. The Fey itself has to take the plunge from the nest. The figure watching the ships depart waits for others to return from their adventure. In both cases the result of what is being comtemplated is still a little ways off in time. Expectation. Hope. Preparing for the results of taking a chance. This Fey two is not about a choice, its more about mental preparation for there is no choice -- the Fey has to fly sooner or later. In the W-S deck there is a mental pause, a time to worry or wait or to do something else. I see these considerations affecting a reading also.

I find, for me, that using the Fey two-cards in a reading would require an adjustment in a typical reading for each of the four cards. Using the Fey deck for doing a reading, after having used other decks, means making a commitment. While these changes are easy to make as we come to them and think about them, we who have used other decks for a longer time will have to make adjustments in how we view these cards. Aren't they just great? Dave.


A PS to the list.

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Two's -- tarot versus astrology

In another tarot list that I participate in we are looking at the meaning of cards-by-number versus what that number means in astrological terms.

For example, ONE in astrology would be a conjunction between two/more planets (as the start or seed point of a cycle). When two planets come together and activate something in the natal chart, then something happens with the focus of energy. This is not "potential" as in tarot's Ace cards, it is a happening.

Another example, TWO in astrology is often associated with the opposition (dividing the whole cycle into two). This is often seen as conflict, differences, awareness. In Tarot, this number is often associated with coming together, balance, holding, etc. -- ideas that can be similar in some circumstances and very different in other contexts.

My question: do we want to discuss this at some point. Dave.