Contentment...for free


As a big Zen Habits fan, I got an em today about a little book on Contentment. Cost...FREE. Just download it. I almost always find something really worthwhile to think about in Zen Habits articles and links, and thoughts on how to be more content with our lives, well, that sounded priceless to free is good :)


Thanks, GD. Looking forward to a relaxing and contenting read. :)


Hi Lokasenna!

I hope you like it. I like short articles that get to the point to remind me of things I should remember to do, but don't always :).


Thanks GD. I will read it. Contentment is something I have finally achieved ... once one finds contentment with ones life it is a great gift of realisation.

If only there was more contentment than greed!


Thanks GD. As usual, you've provided a worthwhile link to something very interesting and something I will enjoy!


When the wantings stop...the big C flourishes...for a while.

Until another adventure arrives that drives and pushes one through the comfort barriers ......again.


Comfort is not ordinary contentment. I think GD (and the article referred to) is talking about an existential contentment which continues regardless of comfort or circumstance. It is an internal spiritual state where one has become 'satisfied' with one's Dharma, irrespective of 'wantings' and adventures.


Essentially it's about inner detachment from one's thoughts and feelings - learning to be an observer of oneself at one remove, understanding why we feel the way we do about any given circumstance, now, in the moment, every moment. Some people get the "detachment" part all wrong and take it to mean "not caring about anything or anyone," when in fact, it's totally the opposite.

And it starts with self-acceptance. Again, some people mistake that to mean "accepting that I am the way I am and that I will never change," when in fact, it simply means the necessity of accepting who we are in the moment in order to effect positive change."

This is all so very deep and Zen for a Friday evening. :grin:


Its also a very accurate and clear description (for a Saturday morning here :) ).

{No Friday night celebration over there for you? .... unless you can stay that clear while partying? :bugeyed: }


Lokasenna:The not caring... I feel what you are referring to is a silent resistance...Very different indeed.

Stagnation is also being referred by some. The higher the rate of learning, the higher the temperature of the furnace required to keep one in motion...

Perhaps that quiet stillness ...the powerful Action of no actions...The unseen ruling the seen...Trusting

The Kiss of the wind on a receptive and willing face. The surrendering ,conscious connection to the unseen.

A willingness to surrender and the having surrendered, to ones chosen faith. Which is not affected by external circumstances.

Beyond the survival mode of physical existences.