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Faerie Lin

kayne said:
Perhaps I should take them offline... hmmm... :( Thing is, this may sound wanky but I really enjoy the encouragement I get from showing off my work and it helps keep me ontrack - inspires me to continue! Hmmm...

Doesn't sound wanky at all! (why does the word 'wanky' make me giggle? lol) Encouragement is so good for the soul. I'm with ya'll in the "sighing." That kind of stuff just gets me so ticked off, taking people's ideas and stuff. I've had lyrics stolen from me before. But Karma loves to visit.



at least --- people can't take your actual work -- and use it for themselves -- since it is low-resolution. although they can always recreate their own card based on your work. sneaky sneaky. I know what you mean Kayne --- I love feedback too! It keeps me excited -- and on track. :)


Oh, this is bad!

Now I am getting all paranoid of this copyright stuff. And I just posted my link...but I love to share my work!


I believe- but could be wrong- that if someone does try to pass off your work as thier own- and you have proof of when you created it/ copyrighted it. (And can back that up with actual documents or proof of the in progress part) you can take legal action against the copycats! Their are a lot of deceptive people out there- but I think most people are honest. Maybe I am just dreaming and off in my own little world- (but its nicer there!lol)


Hey Kayne... you could always overlay large text... or a watermark. A huge "SAMPLE" diagonally over an image, while kinda lame to see, makes reproducing a pain. Something along those lines... I guess.


That's sort of what I have done... I just put my name and the date... It is not too intrusive but lets people know I don't want them all over the net... (Click WWW below my name to check it out...:D)


That's what Robin Wood did with her artwork, when some of her stuff was swiped online & started showing up elsewhere she put her name & the date into the picture as an integral part of the art (sometimes hidden pretty good, but it's always there!) to stop that. This happened back around 1984 or so, right after she started getting 'big'. She still does it.


As far as I am aware, artwork is automatically copyrighted [I am from U.K], if you find your work somewhere, you can sue , without having signed or dated anything.

If you go to an art gallery you will see none of the paintings have the copyright sign, because it is not needed.The artist is well protected [ sign and date the backs of all my work]...I am not sure about computer generated art, in the sense of being able to prove its your creation, with a painting or drawing this is easy to would have the original.

If you find your work somewhere and can prove its your work....then the person using it would have to show a contract , from you, showing that you gave permission.[ note read small print someimes when submitting work, you could sign it away without knowing it:)]

I think this automatic copyright lasts about 50 years after death [not sure:)], after that it becomes un-copyrighted...[books and classical music are a good example]

[stuff on the net I tend to keep to a low rez, or when doing high rez I put the 'c'.

I think many websites you get automatic copyright?



Your cards are so beautiful!