creative newbie lol


Greetings all!
We'll this thread has really given me great ideas of creating my own deck - as a general learning curve for learning more about tarot and how to be creative in the first place!

Its definately going to be a collage deck because i dont draw or use complicated programs to save my life.
I was just wondering for those who have done collage decks, what card stock you used? Did you just buy some think card and stick them on it, or used some other specific material?
Did you lamenate them afterwards? etc.

All the basic questions for a creatively challenged student and first time deck artist lol

Brightest Blessings


hi, I saw no one responded yet, and I thought I would, eventhough I may not be much help. I'm making a deck, and eventhough I'm drawing it, I'm doing so on blank index cards. Since I don't have the technology to resize them, I have to do them the size I want them, which has it's problems when drawing, but should be fine for collage if you can find materials small enough that you like. A problem with the index cards is that they are fairly thin, though using them for collage would thinken them, you probably still have to double them up. I'll get back to you when I figure out how I'm going to do mine. Also, when I do collage art pieces, I do so on poster board. They stay well, and I'd amagine that they'd be excellent for tarot cards. You should, though get a paper cutter. They are so much easier and so much better than scissors, and they are fairly cheap; mine was only about $10. But then, let's see... how would you use that with posterboard...oh, ok I got it! first, you cut the boards roughly into pieces small enough to fit into the paper cutter, then you can clean it up with the cutter! Also, I suggest a cutter with a slider instead of one with an arm. If you need anymore help, just reply back to this. Don't PM me, because I always forget to check those. Oh, and just in case you don't know, PM means private message. It took me a while to figure that out when I was new here.


I don't think there's any rule of thumb for creating a one-of-a-kind collage deck.

A couple of things you might want to think about: Since you don't know how many layers/pieces you will be using in any given card, don't even think about the thickness of the backing beforehand. Use something like Rubber Cement, that you can peel off, to tack the pieces down to something reasonably solid, while you're still playing with each card.

When you're finished with whatever cards you decide to make, take a look at the whole thing. You may find that you want to simply take a thin piece of paper as the back and laminate each entire collage within plastic to preserve the pieces, or you might want to use something slightly heavier and use spray clear acrylic lacquer in multiple coats to fix the surface, or - hmmm, there have to be a number of other possibilities.

In any case, test whatever technique you're going to use on several random scrap collections before you actually use them to preserve your creation - finding out that a technique tends to discolor the paper, or brings what's printed on the back through the ink on the front, is best done on something you will be happy to throw away.


hrrm. here's a novel idea i haven't seen in a deck before. i would've used it, but i'm tied down to some deck creation projects of my own at the moment. hee hee

i remember matisse, late in his life, started experimenting with paper cutouts. why not try that as well? collage cutouts from bright or pastel coloured paper. no prints. just the plain colours. i bet it'll give that nice abstraction/impressionistic feel.

good luck on whatever projects ya guys would choose. though. :)