Death. Major

Free Spirit

There are lots of things to look at in this card.
There the egg hanging from a piece of wire I think.
She has got one blue eye and one red eye.
I'm not sure what the necklace is meant to represent.
The chess bourd looks like its being taken over by the black porns.
This Fey looks thoroughly fed up.
My take on this is of transformation and change.
The egg represents re-birth.
I would be interested to find out what other people think of this card, and there interpretation.


Instead of answering in your other thread. I will answer you here relative to the Death Card in The Fey Tarot.

I am going by an RRW basic meaning. Death is the end of something and the beginning of something new.

This card has that basic as it is The Death Card.
I read from the pictures now combining basic only meaning. That is a personal choice.

First of all I see the board is black and white... life and death ? It brings to mind that for me.
I see it is a chess board.. life is like that we take our chances and try to make the correct moves as we live through life. Lots of things can come along to change our direction from time to time. The symbols of the Chess pieces are really interesting but will not go into that right now.

I see from the Chess pieces that the Queen is tipped over and is the King stalemated ? Not sure but would assume that this reflects that between the events of life and death we do not always have a choice. (You make your moves in life, right or wrong. In this case the game is over).

I see the wooden table (oak ?) as being a very earthy sign. Down to earth ?
She has her elbows on the table. So she is resting on that.

One armoured glove on, one off. Is this again the black and white connotation between life and death ?

Not sure what she is wearing on her neck .. it looks like a world and sun or something.

Her hair is red, I would assume some sort of passion from that
One eye is red and one is green. Stop and Go ?
Hanging in the background and suspended is the EGG.. a symbol of perfection representing life within surrounded by the protective shell of the egg..
She has mauve to turquoise wings and the blue behind her could be the unknown.

When we read, if your eye falls upon one component of the card more than another you elaborate that.

I might add I just noticed her dress and one strap is slipping off. Could it be a "don't care" type of reaction ? More careless ?

To me, at this time, the card is telling me that Life is a game. You play it as best you can and when it is over, it is.
The Egg hanging is that spiritual life or energy that is within you that does not die and so life goes on in another form. So the card does show promise of the future ,as well, contained in the Egg.


I also have some questions.

Why is she wearing a band around her one arm ?
Why the all lavender hue of the Fey ?
What is it around her neck ?

The Chess pieces are :
A little Angel blowing a horn, Gabriel ?
A Dinosaur with a tail ?
The Tower
A Ship's Wheel
A Snail
The fat little king with his kingly, golden crown in the middle.
The underside of what would be the Queen and it really shows a Star ?

I know what some of those symbols represent but not all of them.


What do you think about it Free Spirit ?

Free Spirit

Thanks again.

I feel that my descriptions are lacking.
I find it really hard to associate with the cards. I can get key words. But for indepth descriptions I'm rubbish.
I'm not sure why I'm like that because I am really good at visualization in meditation.
Maybe you could give me some pointers!!
I know its not just the deck, because I'm like it with all the deck I have.

Free Spirit

The king in the middle looks like he's in some sort of inset, and he can't get out. The black porns are crowding him.
The tower to me symbolises a major change.
There's a black porn that looks like the grim reaper whos blowing a horn.
I'm not sure what he represents.
I don't know about the dragon or the snail either.

Free Spirit

I went to bed with The Fey Tarot on my mind. Woke up at 4.30a.m. and was really pleased because I feel I have had a breakthrough with the cards I was working on yesterday.
Everyones been saying look at Fey as magical entites, and play.
And thats exactly what happened when I woke earlier this morning.
Some of the cards made total sense, and I actually found myself story telling with 2 of them.
I know I've got a long way to go, but I'm feeling more optimistic today.
The cards I drew last night for today were
5 wands.
Knave of pentacles.
4 Wands.

The first card I drew 5 wands. 1/ What have I learned/discovered today?
I can see five little Fey playing and compeating with each other.
For me this card is telling me that theres no need to compeat with others. Everyone around will help me.

The second card was Knave of pentacles. 2/ How did that affect me/how did I react to that?
I see a knave flying around on a saucer.
This to me means practice, practice, practice.

The third card was 4 wands. 3/ What lessons/conclusions can I draw from that?
I see a big steardy tree, with two fey decorating it.
To me this card shows the Ureeka moment!!!
Enjoy the proccess, and have fun.
I know that these are short abbreviations, but I was really pleased that I was able to make sense out of them without looking in the LWB.
What do you think?


That's great! See, they are good at play these Fey. I love your interpretations. May be worth posting it in the 'My Readings' section of the Forum??

And back to topic.....

I think that Death looks a little sad and resigned, she has a wistful smile as if to say "everything has its time and its ending, take care not to become too atached to things as they too will move on". I wonder if one of her eyes sees the whole of time when she looks at something (spot the fantasy reader!) so she sees a beginning, development and end in one glance. Maybe the lavender is the spiritual aspect of her existence? She is so alone, like the Doctor in a way (Dr Who? I mean). She can have no companion who truly understands her existence outside time.

I wonder if the Ship's Wheel is a wheel of fortune sort of a wheel?

I think that this is the reason I love the deck, I feel that I can empathise with the Fey in it because I see feelings on their faces.


Free Spirit

I think the Whell of fortune is actually the wheel of fate and fortune.
What are your thoughts on the Dragons and what looks like the Grim Reaper with a horn. And what about the snail. Whats that all about!!!
I would love to hear your interpretation.
I think the tower represents destruction. When you think of the tower card to me its saying I'm leaving behind the old worn out destructive way of thinking and its moving towards a more positive way of thinking.
The death card is really quite a positive card.
What do you think?


I wondered if the "dragon' if that is what it is is telling us that from the places of antiquity we go ahead. Things that have disappeared from the earth but Death was always there. It is a cycle. Shades of the Akashic records.

I know I did a study on Snail as it appears, I think, in the 9 of Pentacles card in RRW. From what I remember now, Snail carries its home on its back. It is very slow but progressive. It is very beautiful in its completeness and with those horns it is as if it is searching which I am sure it is as they search for food constantly as well. I will see if I can find what I wrote and if it is any good will post it.

The 4 of Wands strikes me as a version of decorating a Christmas Tree.
Celebration or expectation of good things ahead. Work but for good times.

To me the Tower is just standing there. It is not falling down so it could mean, separateness as being in your own Tower. It has not been captured.
So it does not necessarily mean destruction. Maybe a place apart to think ?

Knave a Pentacles, I do not have a good grasp on. Don't quite get it.

I see the little figure as an angel, it does have wings rather than the grim reaper. Your choice though of course.

Actually, what is a porn ? Sorry that word I don't understand.

Aerin, I like what you said about her eyes, seeing beginning, development and ending in one glance.
Also the lavender color for the spiritual aspect of her existence. Also "no companion who truly understands her existence outside time"

I do think the Ship's Wheel, defined by the spokes is the Wheel in Tarot but rather a Ship's Wheel decides the course you will follow was well when on the sea. It gives more depth than just what we think of as the Wheel of time, always changing. Always turning and taking us with it, willlingly or not.

I am not disagreeing with your wistful remark Aerin but in my head it is her saying, WELL, this is how we play the game of life. A teacher in effect, kind of wondering if we can understand. You know how a teacher waits to see if you have grasped it all.

You did really well Free Spirit not up to me to judge just trying to encourage you. Your interpretations are just as accurate as mine. That is what it is all about, being original and relying on what you see and learning and searching from there.

Just relax about it, look at the picture and all the components and get a feel for the picture. Forget the LWB for now. It does not say so very much.
The cards are meant to be complex and full of symbols that you interpret.

As a basis, Pentacles represent the material things. This can be creativity.. a big one really.. or money or art or lots of things. Anything in the realm of the material. Creativity brings the energy of money as well. You can be a banker using money but it is still creative energy. Or you can be an artist or you can be struggling with material connections, we all do it every day, all day. Buying a flower and putting it on your desk even.