Judgement card


what were your impression of this card?


I think this ones a hard one Jess.

I'm not too sure myself as it's so different form any other judgement card.
To me I suppose I interpret it as some some of "wake up" call.

How do you see it?


i tend to see it as judgement being all around you. even if you think you got out of it ( sleep) you still have to deal with it. kind of a karma thing ya know?
it does seem out of place to me in the deck though.. You?


Look at the small fey in the card Jess.
They look as though they are mischeivous and trying to get attention.
I still can't figure it out :/


Still looking at the card!...what does it say in the book?


quote- a moment of proof, responsibility, the conseqyenses of past actions, reward or punishment, reawakening of the spirit, of dignity, of knowledghe. breaking down barriers or walls thought to be invisible, rebirth, obligatory passage, necassary battle to reach an objective.

*all spelling errors are mine. LOL

basicly when the alarm goes off someone has to deal with their actions or inactions....

Oh BTW what'd you think of the World?


dear jess, :)

i noticed that you've picked the fey cards to study them and was wondering if you and martyn would be interested in the fey interview exercise?

it's really fun AND you get a different feel to the same card when you answer someone else's questions.. also, by reading answers posted by other fey handlers, you'll start noticing stuff you missed before.. how about it?



This is, as has been said, a hard one.....I wonder if it is because it has a Human in it?
I still don't feel I have a full grasp of this card.
This card has been talked about in many threads, probably more than any other....because everyone seems to have a bit of trouble with it.
I'll think some on some sort of Excercise to to to get a good feel for the purpose in this card.


Im having major trouble with this card too.


I see the images of the fey as this woman's past works, past deeds, past imaginings. She's asleep and the little fey at the top, blowing the trumpet has woken them all up and brought them to life.

When she wakes she's going to have to face all of her past actions, words, deeds and attitudes. She'll also have the oportunity to decide what she wants to take with her into the future and what she wants or needs to leave behind.


Sulis xx