Judgement card


You know what? After reading all of this and really looking at the card, it reminds me of the movie Miss Potter, where Peter Rabbit, and the other characters that Beatrix Potter created actually came to life, as such on the paper for her, and she used to have sort of conversations with them.

Well, after looking at the card after a few minutes, I noticed that the white fey, at the very bottom of the card, she looks like she is actually coming out of the paper. The Fey that has the trumpet is like a ghost/spectre. The other coloured feys are the ones that are associated with what they are "attached to", the black one coming out of the ink bottle, the green one sitting on the tube of green paint, the blue one standing on the blue paint brush.

As for what it could mean, wouldn't have a clue, but I like what others have said. Maybe, just maybe, seeing something that you have created, or whatever, finally coming to life?????


I always saw it as the moment when the artist's creative baby is let out into the world to interact with other people for their judgement. She's just finished, sent it to the publisher and fallen asleep. (Actually, like Riccardo says.)

For myself it seems to signify finishing a project and making it reality... can't keep twiddling with the edges forever, got to let it go and see what others think. Like editing a post and then having to actually press the button
to submit, but on a larger scale.

The Beatrix Potter connection is interesting...



The Beatrix Potter association made me think of Winnie the Pooh- which, there is that coming to life of the imaginary or created characters. Then that took me to a conversation from long ago. Pooh and all his buddies where in the imagination of Christopher Robin, and in this conversation lead to, Christopher Robin being 'God'.
In traditional tarot there is that connection to God by way of the final Judgment.
So this could be a card of 'the creator' be it God, Beatrix, Christopher, you or me. So, does this mean that this card also represents Sunday, the 'official' day or rest? LOL