Dream Divination #2

Dancing Bear

Round 2 of our dream Divination experiment is about to start..
Taking names to join us..
This time there is no limit to amount of people who want to join in..Even If i have to make up two groups..
I had an abundance of pm's last time.. and i know we are going to have more than 6 wanting to do this this time..
So i am good to take down eveyones names and split us up into groups, if you are ok with that too!

For anyone who is wondering what this is about..
We have a querent, they ask a question, the rest in the group, keep in mind the querent and the question asked before sleep,then dream for them, we all have a week..to write up our dreams for the querent, One dream is all it needs, .. the querent gives feedback on those dreams they recieve.
When the week is up, the next querent steps forwards to ask their question..

bit by bit not only are we helping out with Divination, but we are helping ourselves to remember our dreams a little more and eventually start Lucid dreaming.
Not all dreams will be Lucid.. But on the odd occasion you will find you can control your dreams..

Like in the last experiment.. I was trying to escape from Zombies and created a Dolphin to
hang onto and swim to safety..
The reason i was able to create a Dolphin is; i realised i was dreaming and in control, so created my own adventure. in the form of riding on the back of a Dolphin LOL!!

Here is the list so far...

Dancing Bear

I will go check my pm box and pm all those who asked about joining. and add more later.

No limit to amount of people who want to join in on this experiment.. I will try to get this started on Monday 14th Nov.. SO i will leave this open for sign ups over the weekend..


Affirmative!! Until 14 november Dancy bear! <3 ^o^

Crystal Blue


Oh yay!! Count me in!!


Definately, just this past month Ive been working on my dream recall.
This should be a lot of fun, I cant wait!.......If you'll have me that is.


Oh, I'd like to join in, too.


Id give it a go, but just want to let you know family will be visiting later on in the week for a week, so I think my dream time may very well be compromised. But....this does sound really cool to do...so I would like to be a part of it. :)


I seem to have an abundance of vivid dreams, so count me in!



oh boy! I cannot wait to start this one too. I loved the last one!