Druidcraft Roundup! - study group discussion thread


I have this deck and keep thinking it is more deserving of my attention! I may try every now and then to contribute on some of the cards if I feel I have anything interesting to say :)

crazy raven

Hi and welcome Eyebright, I'm sure I speak for everyone in says we'd enjoy your contribution very much :)


Tnx to accept me :)


I do love this deck, i will pop in when i can:)


Thanks for the opportunity they gave me to understand the Duidcraft

Thank you so much all your opinions, have no idea of the help that they have given me, I am initiating me into the tarot and I gave this cover without the book, I live in Venezuela and is quite difficult now for us to get dollars to buy tarot, and do not come here, so with all the information I'm going to study very thoroughly! Thanks again


Are people still posting here ?

Hi all

I couldn't help but notice that most of the posts in here date back to 2011....?

Is this group still active ?



I think it so much, but it could be revieved.


I think it so much, but it could be revieved.

That is uncanny ....

My Druid totem Animal is a Magpie....

So how appropriate that you answer my calling ;)