DruidCraft Study Group - The Moon


Okay, I'll try to rekindle this study group. Why? Because I feel chatty tonight. After all - I have 6 planets frolicking around in my Scorpio Sun...LOL

I LOVE this deck's Moon card. I love the description of it and because of this deck, I've actually reflected back to some of my other decks and realized that I love those Moon cards too. There's a connection in this particular card for me that goes beyond the DruidCraft deck.

This deck talks about getting past the fear of the wolves. Making it through the pilars to achieve a sense of success on the other side. Have you ever seen the old 80's movie called "The Neverending Story"? Just as Atray-ew(spelling?) needs to be strong enough to pass through the Egyptian - what were they called?? Oracles?? - without being killed by his fear and their beam of light, this is how I feel about the Moon card in this deck. There is something to be said about ignoring those wolves and standing strong in the confidence of yourself and what you know is right to achieve the ultimate peace on the other side :)

Funny how I seem to have a favorite card in each deck and it's never the same one.



Hi lixiPixi!
I think you have the best idea ever!! and I jump right on board!

Moon always is one of my "most important cards" in any deck, since I do a lot of shamanic trance work on Full Moon.
Wolves are nothing scary to us up here (Canada) I have a pack of ~7 living on our property- and beyond and saw 2 of them yesterday morning...
Here on the card we however have 1 wolf = wildness /our wild nature and 1 dog; that I would look upon as one of the mystical hounds of the Otherworld so often portrayed in Celtic art.
By the way, the mutt is white and white is the colour that to the old Celts indicates the supernatural = our spiritual nature....
I see the 2 pillars as the boundary between the realms and the 2 animals communicating beyond the pillars of ordinary consciousness... along the path to our infinite self.


LixiPixi said:
There is something to be said about ignoring those wolves and standing strong in the confidence of yourself and what you know is right to achieve the ultimate peace on the other side :)

I really like what you've said here LixiPixi, an interesting way of looking at this card. I guess when we delve into the world of the unconsious it is easy to get wrapped up in our fears.

Thanks as well for juming in and getting things started.


When I first saw the Moon card in this deck I didn't really like it to be honest. But after spending some time looking at the image it is starting to grow on me. I feel like this card has a real atmosphere to it. One thing I find interesting also is that the path leading out of the water and through the twin pillars or rocks is an uphill path. I look at the path and see it as needing to be climbed, but also thinking how much easier it would be to just stay by the water.

I always think of the moon card as representing our unconscious and how this comes into our consicous life. Perhaps this card shows that the unconscious can be a tricky place, difficult to understand and that it can be hard work. The clouds in the sky really stand out to me too - they make me think of confusion. Maybe the kind of confusion when you get lost in the world of the unconscious and begin to feel delusional and confused as to what is real and what is not. Or maybe that's just my own issues!!!


I really love this card. I love wolves and we have them here in Finland,too. They are such misunderstood animals. People hate and fear them. And why? Because they can´t live on carrots..

Someone said-in another thread (I will try to find it)-that the two stone pillars in the Moon are also in the Priestess, but from the other side. I think that is really brilliant! Ever since I read that I have seen these cards (this whole deck, in fact) more as an entity. Not just separate pictures, but really a *whole* thing, if you know what I mean. I have seen these stone pillars in some other cards,too. In the Seven of Cups, for example.


hemera, you stated:"Not just separate pictures, but really a *whole* thing, if you know what I mean. I have seen these stone pillars in some other cards,too."
-- Now just imagine walking further along the beach .... and get to that quiet cove where the Queen of Cups does her ritual..... and then, in daylight cross the slim peninsular, walk by the fire and the home of the 4 of Wands and on down to the beach where the lady of the Wheel draws her circle.....
Oh wow!
Anyone feel like continuing???
We could create a whole landscape with this - a map of "Middle Earth"
We may need an an extra tread for that.......


Hmm.. I look at them both as wolves, one the normal wolf (normal mind) and the other one as the sacred aspect (unconscious).


I have this card in my 78 week of study this week. I always have a problem with the moon card and the traditional meaning.

I feel a certain love/kinship with the moon and being pagan/shaman I dont under stand the negative comments that most books give to this card.

I get the feeling looking at this card that the pillars are the same as the pair in the High Priestess card.


I am having a hard time getting my mind around this card. My study buddy reminds me I am to technical, logical and need to let go to really get this card.

It seems the Hermit and the empress met up on the other side and grabbed a big megaphone .

If I choose not to listen then she releases the hounds !

Also strength and the Magician play a role in this by providing the energy to make this happen in this 1st level reality

Also this card has a very shamanistic side to it .


78 weeks moon Druidcraft

First Impressions:
This card relates to the High Priestess and the Hermit. The Hermit and The Moon both have the same greenish sky , I feel this is to show the other worldliness of this card. also the moon is waxing in the Hermit card but Waning in this card. The path I believe is the one the hermit was on when he was looking over the valley. now he is walking with me and his guide is next to the dog.

This relates the High Priestess because those are the same standing stones it is said what the High priestess hides the moon shows. I get a feeling of mystery , secrets , the deep recess of our imagination.

From a Shaman point of view, what we change in the dream world can manifest it self in this 1st level of reality. Also we create our own reality good and bad are the domain of this card. Life is 70% perception also seem to fit.

Number and Element:

9: This card relates to the Hermit and also all 4 minor arcane 9’s. The dreams ,wishes, creativity manifesting wealth even the 9 of wands standing alone waiting looking a state of introspection relates to this.

Hermit when we went looking for the Hermit earlier now he is guiding us through the veil behind the high priestess. .

All the 9s are “alone time” in one form or another.

Water: Emotions, imagination, creativity, even spirituality. Where the 9s are about alone time the water is what we are lone with in all its phases. Sometimes it is scary to face our inner dreams and night mares some times it is a joy to realize our dreams are now a reality.

Bringing it all together

This card I think is the underlying force of all minor 9s. It is where the hermit is looking at. Also this relates to the world of Briah where we get out inspiration from. In my personal way of spirituality I believe our super conscience talks to our conscience via our subconscious. In Huna we say we create our own reality, in any other form of shamanism I have read we can change this reality through or dream world.

So the Creativity, inspiration, even illusion, and delusion can all come from our dream world to give us messages we need. If we choose to ignore those message we can get stronger more harsher messages hence the bad side of this card and also the bad side of the 9 of swords.

If we can deal with this reality and face the fears of things we don’t want to hear or see we can become illuminated.

The good, bad and indifferent:

The Good, Dreams are coming through. Your creative juices are flowing, inspiration will be arriving .

Bad; nightmares, illusion, deception (from your own perception) head in the clouds

Indifferent: this is a good time for dream work time to slow down and work with the inner guide.