DruidCraft Study Group - The Moon


This is one of my favorite Moon cards~ You can hear the water lapping on the shore and little click-click of crab claws on stone. Then a song to the moon fills the night~ it's the utterly lonely and beautiful cries of the wolf and the dog.

This came to mind- 'the dog is baying and the wolf is howling'
Looking up the words~
Baying denotes a sense of aggression.
Howling implies a sort of sadness - a longing for something.

To me the dog represents domesticity and loyalty, a part that may sometimes feel trapped in the day in and day out existence of a sped up world.
The wolf represents our independent and wild nature; the part that will never be tamed, and that strengthens us. The part that longs to be re-connected with the earth and with our ancestors.

According to the book, we are to take courage and pass between the two animals, and on through the stones, and then walk the path -though we know not where it leads. The stones represent the “Gateway of Fear that leads to Rebirth“; and “the dog and the wolf (will) become our allies - guides in the Otherworld who will protect us and show us the way.”


Moon pillars -another link to Freemasonry?

Wow. What amazing, wonderful and evocative insights people have posted about this beautiful, mysterious card.

Those 2 stone pillars in both the High Priestess card & on this one ... they seem like an outdoor version of (or reference to) the usual 2 Masonic pillars on Rider-Waite-style decks.
The RW pillars, B & J, (Boaz & Jachin) are the pillars in Masonic temple ritual initiations into the first 2 degrees of Freemasonry. It's connected with the whold Hiram legend and the symbolic re-building of Solomon's Temple ... wow, all this fascinates me - there's SO much to explore!
Theosophy, the Golden Dawn, Freemasonry, neo-Druidry & Wicca all stem from similar esoteric traditions & use similar imagery in their rites - much of which (like the chequerboard floors, the exposed knee, the hoodwinking etc) finds its way into traditional Tarot.

Goodness, I keep discovering SO much intriguing, interconnected stuff to learn - each link leads on to so many others ...!!!

But anyway, I simply LOVE this card, for reasons others have expressed better.

Blessings - Starshower.