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I'm new to this forum so forgive me if I'm not following protocol or doing this correctly. I have been working with my Druidcraft Tarot and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the Cernunnos card. I've read the description in the book about the dangers of material obsession but are there any other interpretations?




I have trouble interpreting this card, too. I've come to the Druidcraft from using other versions of the RWS, and this card generates a completely different feeling from any form of Devil card.

Which is fine, but to my mind, sleeping people who are oblivious to a Guardian of the Forest isn't in any way an alert to being trapped in obsession or enslaved by one's own addictions or . . . no alarm of any kind.

I don't see the figure as scary. If the image had included the couple waking up in any state of concern, it would send me a different message than this image does.

The only time this card has turned up for me was to signal a dream. Now that makes sense, but I know this card has a lot more significance and depth than that! I hope someone can come to clarify this for me.


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I just started using the Druidcraft myself ... I don't tend to look at the retitled cards in the context of what they would be if they were in some other deck ... Perhaps spending some time learning more about Cernunnos himself would help you understand the card better? The horned god Cernunnos is moved by his own primal desires, which is also seen in his place at the head of the wild hunt which has the ability to draw men into it against their will.

Hmmm. Looks like the card really does have more of a relationship to the Devil card than is immediately obvious. ;)


Thank you for responding. I don't know whether to be scared of this card or not but then again, I guess it depends on where it turns up in the spread. I'm wonder, if because the lovers are sleeping peacefully, it means that they are oblivious to what is around them, to any negative things that are lurking around the corner, and/or if they are about to "wake up" to face something (whether negative or positive, depending on interpretation). It isn't as scary as the usual Devil card; however, there's so much meaning involved that I don't want to miss it.


Cernunnos is one of the many depictions of the Horned God in many pagan belief systems. The Horned God is associated with nature, animals and the primordial wild, and I suspect the sleeping lovers are connected with the latter in the card.

You have to take more than a surface look at the image and its interpretation. Can it mean that one must beware not to let oneself become obsessed with lust, drugs, alcohol, etc.? Sure, but it also makes us aware that all of us have the same basic needs and urges as the wild animals Cernunnos protects and over which he is lord. We must fully integrate that side of ourselves into the rest - the lighter, brighter side, if you will - in order to be completely whole. Failure to acknowledge and celebrate primal and instinctual forces within is just as bad as allowing them to control you.

Little Baron

sharpchick said:
Failure to acknowledge and celebrate primal and instinctual forces within is just as bad as allowing them to control you.

Excellent line SC. And I think so many people forget this when using this card. They just think 'don't do that, it is bad' and never remember that letting your hair down is important to. Have fun, but a bit of moderation is needed. Spend, but don't over-spend. Drink, but don't get wasted. I wonder if Cernunnos is actually 'there'. Maybe he is part of the sleeping couples dreams, ready to try and corrupt innocent sleep.



Sharpchick, I have been sitting contemplating what to type about this card & couldnt quite put into word what I was trying to say,....So i refreshed the thread to read thru again & saw your post a few mins ago...You said exactly the things I was thinking about integrating our primal urges & instincts into the rest of the persona & not denying & repressing our physical needs ~ so many people have suffered immensely by denying their self expression & sexuality.. :D..I think this card is quite beautiful ...the sleeping couple obviously have not denied their animal urges :)D) & Cernunnos seems to be watching over them whilst they rest. Our basic instincts are the very things that bring new life ~ the force of nature if you will. .....Am I waffling....? :D This card really inspires me....(not sure what that says about me exactly! :) ) lol
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Little Baron

I think it is also interesting how, like the RWS, there is strong simularities between this cards and The Lovers.



The Horned God is associated with nature, animals and the primordial wild

This is why I don't associate this card with anything threatening, even in one's self. It's just part of us, something to consider and deal with.

I guess having Cernunnos as a looming shadow is supposed to be the "remember your shadow side" element. Now that makes sense to me!


I thought about making the post quite a bit longer. . .repressive sexual attitudes can make me wax poetic, though and I thought it better not to get terribly off-topic.

I will say that "OMG - it's the Devil. . . eeeeek" reactions to the card that stands in this position in the major arcana often make me wonder if the people holding that view allow themselves to be so terribly repressed in all areas of their lives. That would be sad.