DruidCraft Tarot... Seven of Swords

Mystic Leo

There is a lot of cards in this deck that I really love and this is one
of them.

The rich coloring is beautiful. This seven of swords shows a
very different picture to other RWS style decks.

An elderly man with long hair (thinking carefully before making a
decision) and beard (wisdom) sitting at his desk evaluating his
problems. He is using a feather as his writing tool (symbolizing the
element of air). A light is on his desk, a table (judgement) is
nearby holds three swords and four swords lean against the table.
A cresent moon is half hidden amongst clouds in a blue sky.


The man is definitely making his own plans, and he is keeping his thoughts (swords) to himself. And while the usual RWS-based 7 of swords seem more sneaky, this one has a more thoughtful look to it. I like this card, too...it's not quite as "sneaky" as the usual 7 of Swords cards..


ana luisa

I love the way this card differs from the Rider Waite one. It problably refers to loners or people who don´t want people around. I have a question for those who like this card: what is he writing about? I always had the impression that that was a farewell letter. He does not seem to be to be planning something or adding figures but going for some serious closure in his life. Especially because of the swords that are the signs of work done.


That's a good point, ana luisa. My impression is that the guy is drafting a letter or communication of some sort that, when sent, will most likely "surprise" the recipient..and I don't always feel it will be a pleasant surprise. So a farewell letter might very well fall under that category...as well as a confession about something that might be an unfortunate surprise to someone, etc. along those lines. Whatever this man is up to is going to surprise someone..so I often look to the surrounding cards to figure out the possible content of his "letter" or the tone of it...and whether it may devastate or surprise the person who receives it.



I like this card too. I get the feeling he has been there for a while concentrating really hard on getting the correct message across to whomever he is writing to. I also think he likes to be alone with his thoughts.


This is such a refreshing change from RWS images... it brings the 7 into more focus I think... using your head to achieve success.

It makes me think of burning the candle at both ends or burning the midnight oil... late nights spent in thought and planning... using all available knowledge to establish a point perhaps, getting it all in writing. Maybe that is what the knotwork carved into the desk is about, tying things up in knots... or feeling bound by thoughts, etc.

I like that the 4 swords are pointing downward, resting on the table and the 3 Swords lay on it... that past issues are put to rest... or are on the table to see... that this is a time of contemplative action and putting things to the test. That makes me think of agenda being "tabled" for later action after further review... old business that still needs to be addresses and taken care of at another time.

The crescent moon in the window... that maybe things have been unclear, the issues that have clouded illumination are clearing, this is transitional, a phase, and with the passage of time, what is unclear will be revealed. There is wisdom to be found, or the wisdom that comes from the accumulation of experience and knowledge... to plan wisely and carefully, that it takes time and effort and much consideration. The sky is not the deep dark of night, but lightening up... as if this long night is about over.

The fact that he is in a tower made of stone... protection... of sorts... something that is between him and the elements or the outside... a boundary, limitation as well as a shield sort of. Then again the window maybe one of opportunity as well as being open to other views and inspirations... not being entirely closed off.

His thoughts come from deep withing and I think partially from intuition, his fingers of his left hand support his head and press his "third" eye area... the frontal lobe... the area of intellect and higher thought.

Diplomacy, legalities... using intellect to pass through a difficult or tricky situations still fit... it just isn't that sneaky, stealing thing we are used to seeing. It could be he is drafting his will or memoirs... writing history or a treatiese... it could be anything, from philosophy to a simple letter. But with all the scrolls and parchments and the concentration ... something that is very meaningful and could factor in as being the key to success in the future. So to me it brings a much more positive way of looking at this card and how to read it in different situations.


I just received this deck a couple of days ago - I just love it. I agree that the 7 of Swords is a nice change from the usual RWS theme.

To me, I see a troubled man. He's definitely having difficulty putting his words to paper and almost appears to be dreading what he's writing about.

WalesWoman said:
His thoughts come from deep withing and I think partially from intuition, his fingers of his left hand support his head and press his "third" eye area... the frontal lobe... the area of intellect and higher thought.

Contrary to the quote above, I've noticed that he's actually writing with his LEFT hand and his right hand is on his forehead. Left-handedness makes me think of the left/right brain differences. I agree with WalesWoman - he's a more sensitive, creative, intuitive type man. Notice the 3 of Pentecles is using his left hand too. I've actually stirred my own curiousity now to search the cards for more left-handers! Maybe the artist is left-handed too?? hmmm....

It's really a beautiful card.



OH sorry, guess I was mirroring. I try to be sure who's right or who's left, but :|



Im currently writing up my PhD thesis and I get this card all the time,

I think he might be writing up research he has done/ is doing, he wants to make sure it is correct. He is thinking about what has been done already and what it left to do, what research strategies will he use to complete his task. He is making sure he knows all the literature so he can formulate his arguements well


That's an interesting way of seeing the card Becky and it makes sense to me. I always thougth when I looked at him that he was up late trying to get something finished too, or that he was overworked and stressed out. It's quite a different interpretation of this card but it makes a lot of sense. I also think of it maybe as if he's deceiving himself in a way by trying to be too logical and rational about a situation and letting his thoughts get carried away. He looks like he needs a break either way.