Ever regret Ignoring the Card's Advice..


FenestraThought said:
Oh, wow... I hope everything goes well for your you in the End !
Thanks, Fenestra. :) I'm confident everything will turn out all right - either with this lawyer or another one. Like I said in my post - he's got one shot to prove to me his blunder on the phone was a one-time thing. I'm willing to look past that because no one is perfect. If he slips up again after having had three whole days to make sure he keeps his personal opinions to himself, he will be told in no uncertain terms that he lacks professionalism and that I will not waste a single dime on him. And then I walk. It's that simple. :)


Canadian Girl said:
And then I walk. It's that simple. :)
~! *Applauds* ! ~

please keep us posted....curious now !


FenestraThought said:
~! *Applauds* ! ~

please keep us posted....curious now !

Funny you should ask to be kept posted because I just fired off an email to this lawyer in which I cancelled my appointment with him. I thought I could get past what he said on the phone, I really did, but my head's been filled with nothing but a stream of snarky come-backs aimed at putting him in his place if he so much as twitched the wrong way with me again. Not a good attitude to have walking into a first appointment.

So, since my first conversation with this lawyer was shaky at best, and since it obviously bugs me to the point of obsession and almost HOPING he trips up again just so I can have the pleasure of being nasty to him, I concluded that discretion was the better part of valour and that the smart thing for me to do to let go of all this negativity was simply to find myself another lawyer. I really don't want to regret spending my hard-earned money on someone I can't really respect. He might charge me a nominal fee for preliminary legwork, but I can live with that.

So that's it for this guy. I think I'm going to try a female attorney next - see if that makes a difference. Who knows... it might. :grin:


Canadian Girl said:
So that's it for this guy. I think I'm going to try a female attorney next - see if that makes a difference. Who knows... it might. :grin:

Awesome ! Good JOB ~! ... what deck are u using ? there may be some clues in the card that could point you the right way ?

if it were an RWS clone I would say look across nearest river or at least in the nearest town next to you ..

...just a thougt... :D

Good Luck !


Yes, I have regretted ignoring the cards many times. The cards warned me about an unhealthy friendship, and I ignored them and continued to try to rebuild the relationship. All I got was pain.

Now I listen to my cards as much as possible. Yesterday, before I went into my Psychology class, I did a reading to see how the class was going to go. The cards indicated that there would be some serious mental strain (10 of Wands in the "mental" position), and I was ready for it. Sure enough, the class was on some very complex subjects, but I was glad that the cards had prepared me for it. :)



I have regretted it, too. The cards would say something about me, or a situation, or somebody I was involved with and I would ignore it. I have to stop doing that. The cards were always right in the end.


I ignored the first reading I ever did with my Tarot cards. I had been studying them for a few months and finally worked up the confidence to do a reading. I asked about how a new relationship would turn out, and got The Tower, the Three of Swords and The Devil. (Ouch! That's about as bad as it gets!) Of course, I liked the guy, so I dismissed the reading as newbie rubbish and went and fell head over heels for him. Needless to say, it ended horribly. The cards might as well have been screaming a warning, I certainly wish I'd listened to them now!



I will say this.

I don't think anyone should regret ignoring the cards' advice -- if anything, it's a good thing because that we do not live our lives bound to tarot.

Sometimes, when I do take the cards' advice, I wonder if I am limiting myself and abiding by the counsel of an entity -- tarot -- that I do not quite understand. But the truth is, tarot -- whoever or whatever it is -- is usually right on the money.


I agree that it is better to go for what we truly want/desire.

Tarot is a nice tool to get some advice and insights about situations, but at the end of the day, choosing what is the more appropriate path to follow is the best thing to do.

I prefer having some regrets for trying something a bit crazy than religiously following tarot's advice on everything.

But still, I feel like asking tarot about the outcome very often!

Madame Squee

#1. I do what I want!

#2. Therefore, of course, I've regretted not paying attention to my cards. For instance, more than once I've been warned about an eBay purchase, and every single time I proceeded anyway, there was a problem. However, when the cards were neutral or positive, no problems.

#3. I really should know better by now, but... See #1. :laugh: