Faerie Seekers Anyone?


OK so I have been hanging around this study group on and off for years, but I have no clue how the cycles of Faerie Seekers are scheduled. I really enjoyed my first experience participating in Faerie Seekers, and I liked the 3 card spread, as it did not take long to do yet was very informative. By the way whomever came up with the Faerie Seeker thing, thank you!!!

Is anyone interested in doing another round of Faerie Seekers? or is there a systematic way of scheduling Faerie Seekers? Is it too soon since the last one?

I am even feeling brave enough to not ask (beg) to be allowed to read for someone I know well (I am such a chicken!!!).


Hiya Jewel,

Ive done a few of the Faerie Seekers. I think it was Whiteraven who has been organising them and Im quite positive they were fortnightly.

If you are offering to read for someone, I would like to put my hand up for one please and give a reading in return if you like. I dont mind, its up to you. Let me know what your ideas are.



I would also love to see the Faeries Seekers come back. Been at least a month, maybe more.

Any brave souls prepared to organize?


I really miss the Faeries Seekers and want them back.. :(


*pulled along by lots of faeries... and an occasional poke by THAT gnome in the butt to get moving*

I'm here.. I think lol.

ready for seeking and circling and exchanging readings. I think theres something very special in doing these circles, I can let my hair down and let the faery-ness flow rather than worry about 'translating' it right.