Fairy Music ???


Ditto on the responses here, especially the point that your experience was a gift.
There will be more coming your way, no doubt.
Shadow Wolf said:
What do make of it ? Could I have been hearing fairy music ?
There are few other reasonable explanations, especially since I've
been particularly tuned in to them the last few days.
I think stuff like this happens all the time...
It's just that we only notice it when we have something like the Faerie's Oracle to keep us aware.
The FO is a doorway into this Otherworld, where the music, lights and magic spill over into our mundane lives.
You will never be the same. ;)


oh definitely

it was the faeries for sure, I'm positive of it. They are such little tricksters, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but none the less always themselves, which is what I like about them. They constantly are at play around here, taking things, making noises, mostly whispering in the childrens' ears and lures them into mischieve (I have 3 children, and my oldest is 3, so I'm sure you can just imagine).

I think that's wonderful that the fae tried to wake u up for some special time for yourself, that is awesome. Unfortunately, they don't understand the humanistic need for sleep LOL. In any case, thank you so much for sharing such a special story, I love it!

Keep sharing!