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7 of Swords

I think one of the keywords may be: adapt!
learn... you won't lose yurself
change... you won't lose yourself
listen... you won't lose yourself.

I think it's a card of sublety (of course), but also a card that challenges us to find alternate ways to the obvious. The turning invisble is also something like forgetting what we thought we know.



7 of swords


Sounds like resolving paradox.

Only after you forget yourself can you re-member yourSelf.

Thanks for the insight. I'm glad you've joined this exploration

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Just to add my view on 7 swords (came up my new cards spread)
I see parts of this card as hidden and transparent, while other parts of the fey are quite solid (particularly forearms). The parts of the fey that are opaque are the parts particulalry useful for fighting and defending. So, an element to this card that I see is that there is power in making things that are hidden visible.
Hey, I might also just read too much into it!


The Random draw

::drum roll::

7 of Swords

First impression: Someone who has to be on their guard. Will report later when I get more of a chance to look at the card.


Even I didn't know this was traditionally supposed to be the thief card, I might not see the idea of stealth or underhandedness here, but rather, what Redwood posted, as being on one's guard. It is the look over the shoulder that makes me think of watchfulness.

But this fairy is also taking care to blend into the surroundings using camouflage:she is partly wall colored, and partly sky colored. Alternatively, she is either in the process of appearing or disappearing. Her war-painted hands, face and wings, and of course the sword, suggest defense, while the camouflage, or half invisibility suggest stealth.


Continueing on what Firemaiden was saying:

Since she can be representing, Stealth , defense or both. She then has to be careful. Blend in when needed. Not act abruptly. She kind of reminds me of a Spie. Gotta be able to pull off whatever role needs to be played. Even if it is trying to be yourself. But nto so much yourself you make yourself a target.



"F" stands for fairy......not that other f-word...
These Fey are a determined bunch....lol
It was the 7 of swords drawn at random the first time we tried this!!!!lol....can't help it...lol...lol....so
I'm just going to take what I wrote from the other thread and re-post it here.....lol....
How I look at this Fey;
From the book it says she is like the chameleon, altering her appearance to blend in. I take the suit, swords, which is about conflict and fire, there is a 'fight fire with fire' saying, and this conflict (what ever the reading may be about) if you can't beat them join them. I did not see this Fey, disguising herself, I saw her becoming the wall(as the book says; turning the disadvantage into advantages) the wall representing that which is holding us back. Her markings are like the fire and drive that is within her. As we fully view our surroundings like a fly on the wall, we get a better idea for what needs to be our next move. It's taking that step back and rethinking the attack.


I also see adaptation etc.
But it occured to me that this card could also mean something like feeling invisable. If i look at the card in that way i also see a solution offered...show your thru colours.

Nice draw Redwood :)


insistant Fey...

I agree here, luna... every fey deck I have dealt with has had this quality. One is dealing with living persona; they shine through the cards moreso than 'earthly' decks....


Seems like most points have been touched upon, but I'd like to present one observation... The sword, her hands -- absolutely solid... her camoflague starts afterwards... Perhaps there's no hiding reality-- your "real" self...

I don't see her as preparing to go forward. She seems to me to be pulling back, hiding from something in defense rather then preparing attack...

and the striping-- immediate soundtrack went on in my head:

"Tyger, tyger burning bright
in the darkness of the night..."

I think I'll have to look into the rest of that poem....

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To me she has been fighting so long that she is turning to stone herself.