Fey Play


I decided to play with the Fey for a while. I have no idea how long I will do this, but I will do some different things with the cards. Sort of a solo peek at the Fey I guess.

I think of this deck as a bit dark, and I know that a few others on AT share this perspective. The Swords yes, are a bit harsh, but somehow this Fey world seems to have a feeling of aloneness to it, with community being between animals or fey and elements or implements rather than Fey to Fey. Of course there are going to be cards that dispute that finding, but I see lots of solitary Fey, doing things alone, or with animals, or with swords, cups and shadows, etc.

The themes seem to be around work, introspections, creative pursuits, bondage, play and accomplishment vs struggle. The solitary life is what is celebrated here, and as this is a solitary study at this point, I fit right in!

6 Haunted Days

I love love :love: this deck! It's been awhile since I took it out and played with it, I think I will before the BG comes and takes all my attention.

All the majors are so awesome and gorgeous. The Queen of Swords and King of Wands are my very favourite courts!


I haven't had my fey that long ........ but boy are they blunt!!! No messing around with what they want to tell you ......... sharp, to the point ...... and you'd better be ready to listen :D


Well lassies, I invite you to join in. This thread is about play...so whatever you want as long as it is play! :)

I'm looking at one of my favorite cards. The 8 of Wands. Love it.

She has bells on, a bit of nip showing, and racing through the wood trying to escape what? Her own fears? A shadow? A Fey who wants to see more of that nip? I love her head wrap, her bells, hells bells perhaps.

Who is she running from?
What has scared her so?
Is she just the jittery type?
What will need to happen for her to stop running and enjoy herself?


Of Jewels and Bells

This is a noisy deck. Lots of tinkling and ringing. The rings and bells and bangles all clang together to make noises...these Fey seem intent on making a tinkling, jangling and ringing music. They are graceful, but they love to announce their comings and goings with little sweet noises, bells, bangles and jangles.

What does that mean?


I wonder what the loudest card in the deck is? The Fool looks loud...let me listen for a minute....be right back....

The Three of Wands definitely makes a sound...the pods are humming...can you hear them?


Never thought of her (8w) as running Satori ......... I always thought as her as wandering through the forest, at her own little pace ....... having fun and chuckling away ....... and then a huge gust of wind comes from nowhere, almost sweeping her off her feet ................... and here she's reaching out for that branch to hold on to ;)

I think the Fey love their baubles ....... bright, shiny things ........ that make music, noise & are fun to play with ......... definitely not ones to sit quietly in the background ;)


Yeah...I wonder how the air smells....is it spicy and fragrant? Is the air warm and heavy, you know dense. It seems cool sometimes, warm others...I love considering the sounds, the smells, who are they looking at or running from or listening to? What do they hear?

I imagine their language must be quite musical, but others of them perhaps more guttural. Are they split by tribe, so that the Pentacles are one Tribe, the Cups another, Swords yet another. It seems that they are regional.

Swords are the hotter climes, the desert. Cups are the oceanic folks, and the Wands the Forest Fey. With Pents, you may find them anywhere.... And then there are other things in the deck that make what I just mused about moot like the 3 of Swords standing in the water, with waves lapping around his waist...


Hahaha, ahhhh but aint that just part of their cheekiness ....... just when you think you got something sussed about them ...... up they pop, waving their heads at ya ........ whispering ...... go on, try again :D .... I used to think of them speaking in a sing song voice to be honest ......... til one of them jumped at me and shouted in a very earthy way :D


My favorite thing in these cards is the unexpected meance. It isn't all smniles and sparkes in this neck of the woods.

Flowers littered with broken glass; things to beautiful and dangerous to be touched. :D