Fey Play


XIX The Sun

I love this card!
Of all Sun cards I have to admit that this one just really tugs at my heart. Even though the little Fey in the card looks a bit crispy, I still love it! :)

I love the angle of the hillside he is sitting upon, I love his upturned face and his blue overalls....the huge Sun and the clouds that almost look like dinosaurs or a turtle or something and the name is on the tip of my tongue....

It is just a lovely card. Hot, and dry and Sunny.

Also it makes you wonder if the temperature is even higher than what we as humans could with stand. I look at the card and think that it is hotter than I would like it to be, even though the Fey pictured loves it and seems comfy. But I also wonder if he realizes how hot it is...it looks like such an inviting card...however perhaps he'll get home and have to slather up with some kind of cream to be comfortable....

Also notice how the grass closest to the Fey is a touch green...I like that.


When I got this deck a few years back, or a year back...whenever it was, I used to get the Ace of Swords a lot in readings. What was interesting about it was that I didn't get the Ace of Swords a lot with other decks....so this was almost like one of those cards that was calling to me to study the message.

I think this Fey is in some kind of trance, she has turned deep within herself and she is focused on her own inner power. Whether the red blade above her hands is a real blade or some kind of manifestation, it is being controlled by her mind, and her red eyes, are I think a link to the power of the sword. I don't think her eyes are always like that, it is something that happens concurrent to her activating the Sword energy.

I call her Blade.


I am so excited we are talking about the Fey deck. I just love it and I don't find it dark at all ! To me it is fun, and mysterious and always there for me.
It is my favorite deck now, bar none.

I have a good relationship with the cards and while I won't say they talk to me I can say I understand them when they are presented. They have time, you know, and they are not so involved with the cares of the world. I detest heavy, loathsome things and terror and violence repels me. I do not find the cards that way at all. I don't want to be caught up in busy and chaos and the Fey suit me to a T. I am a single person as well and maybe I am used to knowing that fact. So they appeal to that Hermit side of me.

The 4 of Swords makes me amused because the Fey is squatting there putting her war paint on with anger in her face and determination. The fact she has put some paint on the wings shows the extent of her determination.
How many times in my life have I thought, I will fix that b..... and thought about how I would get around something and carried it out to completion.

I am not much of a fighter for myself but if anyone hurt any of my children, boy, I was there and with my war paint on. Those days are past but I can see the sometimes me as I was, when faced with unsought adversity.


I happy to see the Fey Forum active. I have not been about AT as I usually am due to work and such. I have been aching to play with the fey!!!