Fey study set #3 -numbers


Three of Cups in the Fey Tarot

The three Fey actually have differing colors; pink-red, orangeish, yellow. They are engaged in play, circling about a found item in an overgrown area (see shaggy grass and rocks). Either the area has changed around the stone basin or the basin was placed there for some reason. The key concept about the stone basin is not that there is water in it but that it is out of place.

Like all children at play, play tends to gravitate to some special area. In this case it is the stone basin in a wild area. THREEs tend to indicate something which has come out of TWONESS; a child from a couple, a new color from the mixing of two other colors, etc. With the eternalness of the Fey, as they live at the boundary of the physical and spiritual worlds, their form of creation from twoness is not a new entity so much as it is playful expansion --- "moreness."

The color diversity suggests that "more" comes from interchange and freedom of expression and playfulness and creativeness. Just some thoughts. Dave