Flotsam and Jetsam Divination Kits! Help create one for you and one for me!


A few folks are over at the reading thread playing with their junk, but, not many, not enough!!!! Can we get that thread sort of singing folks? I need to post there too, but I tried out a new method with my kit and it was so fun and cool!

I'd like to start a weekly Circle of divinatory readings using self-assembled kits, but if there isn't even enough interest in this to keep the Person Above You Oracle readings going in this forum, then there won't be any reason to have a Circle.

Even if everyone posted one throw and took one reading for themselves we should have over 20 people posting with just the Flotsam folks.

If there is another way you all want to do the readings, then please post and let me know.


Hiya Satori,

I have not done a reading yet due to my being apprehensive, LOL. I know I know, I just need to get over it and do a reading or two. I am trying to work up the courage to do that. I hope in the next couple of days I can face this apprehension and do a reading


ETA: I have plenty of interest too, just haven't done reading yet cause of being apprehensive.



Oh, I have plenty of interest. I just don't have a complete Oracle yet! Stupid mail service!


I'm also looking forward to start reading! My oracle is almost completed as of yesterday when my last package arrived.

Now I have to sit down and decide which of my own items to include. In fact, I may do that right now...



OK, so I just posted my first public reading with this set. A few things I find about my stuff:

-I grab a handful and go with that.
-when the stuff is on the cloth, I don't read every item. but I spend some time with the stuff, looking for pattern, repetition, flow, odd combos, silly innuendo (like Buddha poop in the reading...that just cracked me up)

Once I start writing the info sort of flows, and so I go with it. I give the written interp a once over and really look at it all again, if anything crops up at the second look I add it in and go from there.

Just like in Tarot, sometimes you don't read the whole card, just isolated areas, same here. Don't get bogged down in the intricacies of the items, look for the overarching story, weave the elements together, and set it free.


Satori, thanks for sharing your reading method! I also wanted to ask about that. So, those of you who have already done one or more junk oracle readings: how did you go about picking and throwing the items, and how did you read them?

I described my casting process as part of my very first reading over in the reading thread. For reading, I mostly went with the shape of the whole throw and relations between items. I also read individual items since there weren't that many in my reading.


Cat's reading was amazing. Feedback posted! Got a little teary writing it up, but that is good...it was a watery reading! ;)


Satori said:
Cat's reading was amazing. Feedback posted! Got a little teary writing it up, but that is good...it was a watery reading! ;)
*blushing* Thank you!

I have attached pictures to my reading post (linked above) now, in case anyone wants to take a look.


I'm just waiting for my last package to turn up before I start reading. I am excited though


I understand that folks want to wait for the complete kit...but I have to tell you that even now, I grab a hand full of junk and toss it. Not everything gets grabbed...so you could try.....you could....if you wanted to....:)