Fool's Dog Tarot Apps!!


Any update on Fool's Dog apps for the Kindle? There isn't much that's top-shelf out there for the Kindle. I think I already bought all three or four of them.


I am sorry, but we don't currently have any plans to bring our apps to Kindle devices.


You guys! There is now a Fool's Dog Dark Goddess Tarot app! I'll be getting it today! This deck is especially good as an app because of the wonderful art and because it will be great to have the book text at the tap of a finger! Thanks, Jason!

Ok, now I get a suggestion, too, right? Any idea of doing a runes app? (Something simple would be nice. I saw simple colorful rune cards in the Lo Scarabeo catalog for 2017. I don't know how the text with it would be tho . .. ) I'm sure there are rune apps out there, but I trust Fool's Dog for all my phone-y divination needs!


Hi Jason, any chance that you will release an app for the Everyday Witch Tarot?



Yes Linfang, every chance. ;)


We are not sure exactly when; most likely sometime this Spring.


Yay, great news, Jason, and thanks for the swift response :)


Hi Jason!

I love your apps! I have bought the Fools Dog app for my Housewives Tarot even though I already own the physical version, just because the app is so nicely done. Now I always have my favorite deck with me on my phone. It's like my Blanky :D


Ooohhh! I'm so glad there is a thread for Fool's Dog Apps... I love them. I have 8 so far. They are fantastic.