Freaky Faery Stuff


Freaky Faery Stuff (Faeries Oracle)

I just got the Faeries Oracle a few days ago and something freaky happened today.

First, let me say that I am a skeptic of things until there is proof otherwise. I was skeptical of the pendulum, and initially of the Tarot. Then things happened to change my mind and make me a true believer. This is how I also approached the Faeries and the stories about them "doing" things.

Last night, I had them out. I have already done the "usual" bonding ritual I do when I get a new oracle (Tarot or not). I have taken the deck out of its box, and am currently looking for a bag for them. Anyway, I had them out, on top of their book last night. I picked them up and put them away in the chest I keep all my decks in.

Anyway, today around 3pm, mind you I have been working on the computer all day, I look at the book (which is on my immediate left next to the keyboard) - and surprise! There is The Bodacious Bodach on top of the book! I also want to add that The Bodacious Bodach was the very first card I ever pulled from the deck (I am doing an off-line daily draw of the Faeries Oracle)!

I have tried to explain it, but there is no way that that card was on the book all day without my noticing it. The top of the card was covering some of the white title and, well let's just say that the Faery on the cover is pretty different from The Bodacious Bodach!

Oh, I looked up The Bodacious Bodach...he is attracted to clutter! OMG! That probably also explains why I picked him the first time! Oh no. :bugeyed:

Has anyone else had an experience like this?


valeria said:
Has anyone else had an experience like this?
not that i can recall. however, i do believe these things happen. it's pretty cool when they do, huh?

as a child, i always believed in fairies, and such, and even imagined seeing and talking/playing with them. i was noted for being a very imaginative child. of course, i grew up, no longer believing, but still in the back of my mind, wondering if i did still believe but adapted to knowing it was nonsence, (if you can get my understanding). when i hear stories like this, i love it, because it makes me believe again and know that 'i always knew there were fairies'!

you had a very interesting occurrence. i'm so glad you shared it with us and i hope you have more interesting fairy encounters with your deck and in your life. be prepared, now that you are willing to believe, alot more will begin to unfold because of the fairies!


I work with the Faeries a lot, and so you'd think I'd get used to things like that happening. However, they always seem to find a way to get my attention! I guess they must be keen to get to know you :)

I think the most common form it takes is that they move things that you need from where you know they were, you look there a dozen times, give up, go back later, and there it is- right where you expected it to be in the first place, even though you looked in and under the thing that it's sat on top of.

Gotta love 'em :)


Em x


Hi Valeria,

Get used to them doing things *LOL*. Sidhe-Ra pointed out, hiding things is one of their favorite games. They will also pick out their own "home" (bag), they are quite picky. Stop by the Faeries Oracle study group sometime. We have a pretty active community there, and you will get the chance to read several stories of the faeries picking out their "homes" and other interesting antics.


Oooh, I have something to look forward to. I'm expecting the Faeries Oracle to arrive any day now. I thought I was just getting a deck of cards, but it seems I'll also have some playful entities moving in. Hopefully they will not manifest by hiding things, I have enough trouble trying to keep track of things round my house.


As Jewel said - better get used to this! LOL The faeries like to play with you alot!! :D Do come by the faerie group though. We have lots of fun and you can read about our weird stories too. :*


They definitely hide things! Since I started using mine various odd things have happened. You would probably think I was mad...:) I shall pop by the Faeries group, I am fairly new here & hadnt got round to it yet.
With Love x


MysticalMoose said:
They definitely hide things! Since I started using mine various odd things have happened. You would probably think I was mad...:) I shall pop by the Faeries group, I am fairly new here & hadnt got round to it yet.
With Love x
Please do pop over and join the rest of us! We will never call you mad, as we could easily be acused of the same thing :D


Thanks! See you there then!!! x


haha, since i got that deck, my bedroom has now become haunted by fae! at first it was little things, like hiding things on me or moving them to a completely different spot. and thier favorite thing to do is when my ashtray becomes full, they knock it over on me ALWAYS! not to mention the fact that my friends who dont particularly believe in this, are convinced im infested with them! either way, they amuse me and my cats and do funny things to my friends. and thats only one story i have to tell about fae! hehe all i have to say is have fun with them ^_^ and theyll have fun with you