Let's say that life unfolds benignly. This unfolding provides and supplies, it doesn't punish. So, let's say that if you have some bad luck (that's just another way of saying 'something unpleasant I wasn't expecting', right?), it doesn't come from life's unfolding as much as it comes from the fact that life has to unfold through some attitude in you that isn't right. Let's say that if life has to unfold through some wonky attitude in you, some kind of belief that doesn't resonate with life, well... you get some unpleasant surprises, you get a shaking up. Say hello to Gawtcha.

The main thing I got from the oracle text is that Gawtcha isn't about punishment for having got it wrong, Gawtcha's about the shock that gets us paying attention to something that isn't working anymore - something that's outgrown its usefulness. Gawtcha's the teacher who shakes up what we cling to, when what we cling to is holding us back. Hey, Gawtcha... gonna shake me up? It's alright by me - I'm long overdue. (And anyway, life unfolds benignly.)

Direction: roll with the impact, don't drown in the wave; keep your eyes open - it's a wake-up call.


Gawtcha's my favourite faery, and the one I'm most like apparently. I love your insights into her (or him, in my deck Gawtcha's female, but people seem to have very different views of the little imp).

I like surprises, so I'm always quite excited when I pick her.


Doboro, I couldn't have said it better, wow! Your analogy of Gawatcha is perfect! Do you mind if I use your analogy in helping to explain the cards meaning to querents and clients in the future? "Gawatcha is here to shake things up. You've gotten into some kind of rut of life. It's a way to make sure we are paying attention to what really is going on" or something to that effect...that is great! I usually explain Gawatcha as "This is an out of the blue faery, he's here to shake things up a bit, and surprise you, make things happen out of the blue. Sometimes it's good things, or it's bad things, regardless, it has nothing to do with your karma, but be thinking of your karma when you react to his surprise". In any case, your anaology is much more professional sounding and it makes more sense, which is why I love it!


If Gawtcha's a teacher rather than a punisher, it makes all the difference. An out of the blue faerie, yeah, but with a purpose. Time to wake up! Time to let go! Everybody gets it wrong, and everybody suffers as a result. But when life nails you from your blind side, you have an option: you can see it as a curse/punishment, or you can see it as a challenge/opportunity. Gawtcha isn't a punitive sort of faery. Gawtcha's a wake-you-up-and-ask-yourself-what-do-I-need-to-learn-from-this faery. And if life's benign, you don't blame life. You don't blame Gawtcha. And if you're smart, you don't blame yourself. You just learn.


that was the fae i was most unattracted too. he scared me the most...theres something unpleasent about him, like he has a secret that he wont share, its almost like a betrayal..i guess everyone sees them differently but he is the one who i have the most confilict with Grrrr lol


This Faery was both my least comfortable, *and* my universal card, so it's very important to me, obviously.

When I first did the exerecises, this card creeped me out the worst. This card spoke to me of that which you could barely face... and looking at that terrible thing, with your hands clutched over your face to filter out as much as you can. And yet, there is the eye that takes it in, regardless. There it is. That horrid, horrid ... thing.

This card spoke to me of an event I could barely face within myself, and made me look at it. Again. And again. Eventually Gawatchal's eye went from bloodshot to clear, my sight was restored.

He has a scary magick to me.


I've barely begun to learn about these particular faeries in the Oracle, but relating your excellent description to concepts in the tarot, Gawtcha seems to play the Tower role.

But his eye makes the "wake up!" very personal!


I love this faery.
But when I read about him in the book I was blown away because that is not what I see in him.

From my journal on gawtcha:

"He is trying so hard not to look but see,
he cannot help but look.
His one eye sees more than my 2....
He sees and hears whether he wants to or not.
He is the Witness, the eye, the ear to all we do, but he cannot intervene, only watch...."

Gawtcha is my Universal card....


I've not gotten to his reference in the book.

To me, he/she seems to be the picture of not reading a book by it's cover sort of fae.
That sometimes the way we see things on the suface is not what is really there.

That there is more in, around, and behind the outside of us all.

And there seems to be a feeling of, 'Oh man, they did what?!' going on with this fae.

Kind of a hiding, or playing, with this one as well.

I find it more intriguing than frightening...


I drew Gawtcha as my end of day card, what's the message?--it had been a tough day of emotional anxiety in which I worked on determined "let go, send love" actions.

And the message I got from that steady eye was that though the times are scary and I want to hide, if I keep looking steadily and move through, I'll get past the fear.

And I felt much better!