Golden Tarot -- Justice


An angel stands leaning slightly to her right, as if to balance the weight of the scales she is holding. Her wings are outspread. She looks with a penetrating gaze over to her left. She's beautiful, dressed in orange-ish robes. Actually, everything about her is orange-ish.

With her right hand over her head, she holds onto a long staff of some kind that has a golden owl (wisdom) on top. With her left hand, she holds onto a set of scales that hold a man on one side and a woman on the other. In the bowl on her left, a man clasps his hands in a beseeching pose. Over him, a vicious demon presses down. Another demon pulls down on the bowl. On the other end, the bowl holds a woman whose arms form a low circle. Two angels pull upward on that side of the scales. The woman's (and angels') side of the scales is up higher.

This card says to me that justice will prevail, good will be rewarded, etc. Justice can see everything that happens. Angels will help you if you make the effort to do the right thing. But if not, watch out.