Golden Tarot -- Two of Swords


It is nighttime. A woman sits on a wooden bench that is on a stone platform or walkway. Her body is turned diagonally toward the front left of the card. She holds two swords crossed in front of her chest. She is dressed simply in cream and dark blue with brown and green trim. Her fair hair falls down her neck. A halo glows behind her head -- she is pure of heart, but unsure how to move forward.

Behind her is an inlet from the sea. There are rocky cliffs, a small boat in the water and some buildings visible. A small moon glows in the sky, offering her only a little light. The woman is facing the other direction, even though you would think the view out to sea would be more compelling. She leans forward a little, as if she is weighed down by her thoughts or lost in them. She looks kind of weak, actually, and unable to sit up straight.

Her hands are not really grasping the swords -- she seems to hold her hands protectively over herself, but the swords look like they will come clattering down. The swords are her conflicting thoughts. She needs to make a decision in order to find the strength to move on. The presence of the water could show her depth, or that that her indecision is affecting her emotionally.