Golden Tarot - Knight of Cups


Knight of Cups

A man in a winged helmet and spurs rides a thickset grey horse with fine gilded trappings. An angel offers him a message and he holds a cup aloft. A large fish jumps in the dark sea. In the distance a wooden lookout can be seen on the seashore.

Meaning: A sensitive young man of depth. An opportunity approaches. A new lover or intimate friend. An inspired and creative person. He is emotional and capable of deep and intense love, but afraid to commit for fear of being hurt.
This knight is a real Dandy!
He is not in control of his horse~ he’s concentrating on a chalice in one hand and is grasping, rather awkwardly, his sword hilt with the other hand. It’s almost as if he stood in front of a mirror to practice this pose! He’s probably hoping to run into some girls~ “Hey baby, what’s up? See my cool sword? You like my clothes? Want some wine?”

Thankfully the horse has his head down in a relaxed position and seems to willingly take the knight on a babe hunt.

Of course, there is an up side to this guy~ how many ladies wish their man would pay more attention to his appearance? He really does want to learn about romance, and improve himself. You’ve got to give him credit for making the effort.

The angel seems to approve by blessing him and bringing hope.


He looks almost feminine to me -- his clothes are really something. Not to mention his horse. This knight is almost ridiculous. But to me, that fish jumping out of the water suggests that he has hidden depths. And I'm not sure what to make of those wooden look-outs. Maybe, to be completely obvious, someone is looking out for him?