Hanson Roberts-II High Priestess


I think the High Priestess is the richest symbolically in this deck. everywhere you look there are symbols and they are highly important. I spent a lot of time looking at this card last night and today, and to me, she seemed dressed like a nun. She speaks to me as a woman, either not allowed to act as a woman, or choosing not to. I never really thought about it until now, but the high priestess in any deck seems to me to be celibate and alone by choice. Her duties are far too important to be hampered or distracted by relationships.
I get the feeling that she must trust the person she's giving these secrets to. Trust their intelligence and intentions, these are powerful secrets she has to share and they must not fall into the wrong hands. Perhaps it will doom the world, or she will be punished. Or most likely little wisdom with a lot of knowledge can cause destruction for the querent. She may be protecting you from yourself by not revealing everything she knows.

Ann Yu

She's saying: Do you dare to come closer? The secret's waiting.
The triple moon stands for "female", "yin", "-", things that are hidden. She may be a virgin.
Her outfit is very tight from toe to her neck, we can only see a small part of her hand holding the scroll. Very secretive. She's holding knowledge but she's not opening to tell anybody that wants a secret. Must be very careful.

What that fruits, coconut and two pillars mean?


I think this is the one of my greatest copy of RWS to me of course and cards are full of meaning.


I pulled a card from my deck at random because that's how I've been doing things lately, and the HP was the card that I pulled. I'm posting this without having read through the other posts in this topic because I wanted my interpretation to be fresh.

She's a young woman (note the flat chest while other women in this deck have rounded breasts) wearing "modest" clothing that covers her body from head to toe (as far as we can interpret from this image). The only parts of her body visible are her hands, her face, and a little bit of her hair.

The crescent moon in the lower right-hand corner could be waning or it could be waxing, but given the apparent age of this particular women, it is safe to interpret that it is waxing as she grows older (becomes more fertile, more vibrant, as time goes on). She wears the symbol of the triple goddess on her hood, and the three pomegranates above her head may represent the trifold nature of her position. She is, at once, Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

Her expression, to me, bears a hint of scolding, at least in today's interpretation of the card. There's some admonishment there that one should read the contents of the scrolls in order to gain the wisdom and truth of the high priestess.

I see her as an eternal virgin, devoted to the goddess and ripe with wisdom and knowledge rather than with children. She's wise beyond her years, but barely more than a child herself.