Horary Readings Round 7 - Questions


I agree with your assessment. The move will be beneficial financially and relationship wise, as its a new start for me, a better job market, being around family and back home, with family members who are very well financially established, and have connections in the community, (but this also means leaving my adult kids in the current state-as well as the children I have buried here.) Relationship wise, it will also be a clean slate and a new start, being around like minded people, and people who have similar values and morals as I do, they have a whole different work ethic, and a entirely different social ethic and social life on the offer. I cant wait to be around people who take pride in their accomplishment and pride themselves on how they conduct their lives and what the do with their lives. My sisters are in so many social clubs, with motorcycle riding, horseback riding, and travel clubs as well as spiritual based clubs and organizations. And health wise, goodness knows I don't want to die in this state or get ill here, if anything happens I want to be home and to be buried at home, in my home town. Not that I anticipate anything like that happening, its just that I am at the age where I need to be concerned about those things- as well as the hardship it might create on my family getting me home if anything happens- especially since I am single.

The question therefore seems to boil down to 'Should I relocate back to my home State?' with the implication that a 'yes' answer suggests that the other issues mentioned will benefit from a relocation.

If that is OK with you then I'll read for that question


I would like to participate. My question is, "Where are things between Z and I headed over the next few months?" He and I broke up 7 months ago because he chose to relocate to a different state. He is now moving back here again within the next couple of weeks, and we've begun talking to each other again. I'm hoping to get involved romantically with him again.

So the question is 'Will Z and I begin a romantic relationship in the next 6 months?'

You can adjust the time period to either longer (max one year) or shorter (say 3 months) if you want.



Greetings Minderwiz!! I would like to participate if I may.

I am planing in relocating to my homeland in about 1-1/2 to 2 years. I have a couple of things I need to take care of before I make the move, so my question is, 'will that move be beneficial for me and my family?' or if thats too far away for you to see, then my question would be 'will I be able to build my house over there within 1 or two years?'.

Thank you so much in advance. If you already have enough callers and cant do it thank you so much anyways, you are always helping us out.


So the question is 'Will Z and I begin a romantic relationship in the next 6 months?'

You can adjust the time period to either longer (max one year) or shorter (say 3 months) if you want.

Yes, you are correct, that is the question.


Hi minderwiz. May I join - my question: Will I enter a committed, romantic relationship within the next 6 months? Thanks! :heart:


OK Two more readings to go. I'm busy tomorrow but will read for those two over the weekend



Ok. Sweet.

Thanks!! Have a good weekend!!


Hello yet again Minderwiz!

If you're still accepting questions, I have one.

Since I pretty much have most of my life in good order, there really is only one topic left for me, so we're back to romance.

Your last two readings were 100% correct. They were regarding a particular individual I had my sights on. Nothing developed as you suggested, so you were right. So for my next question I'd like to cast the net wider.

So, for 6 months or a full year (whichever you feel might be more effective here), do I have any realistic romantic opportunites? I'm a male, btw.

Thanks again!

daisy chain

hi are you still doing readings : will i buy a new property is my question