How to treat a risk of failure? New dream, plan or project


Hi all, I wrote an article in my blog about how other people around us might set us to fail with their attitude. How to treat the nagging risk of failure, when you have a new dream, plan or project - be it business, love, studies or creativity?

New plan or dream - analysis spread

1. What do I believe this plan/dream will give me if it works?
2. What is the real reason I hesitate achieving it?
3. How can I overcome my hesitation?
4. What skills I have that will most help me with achieving this?
5. What in my life or thinking is hindering me from achieving this?
6. What will my life be like when I have achieved this?
7. How to best start moving towards this goal?
8. How to encourage myself to keep going until I reach my goal?

As always, any feedback is much appreciated! I'm also very happy to help with interpretation, if you try this and post it on My Readings - section :)


Really love this and very timely for me! I'll try it out this week or next :)