New deck spread


Here's a spread you can do with your new deck:

Three cards:


1. What will you give me?

2. What do you want in return?

3. What kind of relationship should we have?

Good luck! :)


thank you i have been try to caome up with somthing simlar for new deck but have not as yet. I like this spreads simplisty have to give it a go

oh dear that means i need a new deck. What a shame lol


Going to try this with the faery tarot deck. ^_^ Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for posting this spread. My thoth is arriving on Tuesday so i will be trying this spread out as soon as the mail arrives. :D


Just got my Goddess Tarot so will have a go.


I did this with my new Mythic a while back. I felt it worked realy well. I had to go away and think about it, but that was the deck being akward, not the spread.


i just tried this one out with my new gilded tarot, and i got a very "to the point" reading :)


I was very busy with this spread; I bought three new decks! I found it funny because all three decks said the same general thing. (And they were very appropriate to my current situation, so it worked out very well.) =D


maybe this spread is not only for a new deck, but i will also try it for my decks dthat i found "difficult" to cooperate with me


With the Thoth and the Buddha Tarot in the mail, I've been thinking about a good way to get to know them. I like the straightforwardness of this spread, and keeping it to three cards seems like a good principle for a new, unfamiliar deck. Thanks!